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Huawei Eyewear 2 Review: “Pros And Cons” And Reasons To Buy

Embark on a technological odyssey as we dive into the world of Huawei Eyewear 2 – the latest entrant in the realm of smart glasses. With two distinct designs to choose from, these glasses promise comfort for wearers of all kinds.

The Huawei AI Life app seamlessly integrates with Android, iOS, and Windows devices, unlocking a realm of customization and connectivity. From touch controls to an open audio acoustic design, let’s uncover what makes these smart glasses stand out in a sea of innovation in this Huawei Eyewear 2 review.

What’s in the Box:


The unboxing experience sets the tone for any tech device, and Huawei doesn’t disappoint with the Eyewear 2. The Toblerone-shaped carry case, reminiscent of duty-free chocolate, catches the eye immediately.

This silver case, not just a feast for the eyes, boasts sturdiness and collapsibility, making it easy to store. Alongside the glasses, you’ll find a funky charging cable and a cleaning cloth, completing the package with attention to detail.

Design and Comfort:

Huawei offers users a choice between two designs for the Eyewear 2 – the brow line model with a sleek polished titanium frame and the rectangle model with a thicker plastic semi-frame. Both designs are lightweight and comfortable, flexing to accommodate even the most melon-headed users.

The glasses can also be fitted with prescription lenses, catering to those who already wear glasses. Additionally, Huawei provides a sunglasses version for sunnier climates, and the splash-resistant feature adds a practical touch for rainy days.

Setup and Connectivity:

Pairing the Eyewear 2 with Android, iOS, or Windows devices is a breeze using the Huawei AI Life app. However, it’s worth noting that the app is not available on the Google Play store, requiring manual download from Huawei’s website. Once paired, the app provides access to various settings, including device connections and touch controls customization.

The touch controls on either arm of the Eyewear 2 are large and responsive. Double-tapping pauses or resumes audio, while swiping adjusts volume. The glasses can connect to two devices simultaneously, offering convenience for multitasking. The AI Life app allows users to set a preferred device and customize language preferences.


Touch Controls and Gestures:

The touch controls on the arms of the Eyewear 2 are generously sized and responsive. A double-tap pauses or resumes audio, and swiping adjusts volume. While the touch controls work seamlessly, the absence of track-skipping gestures may leave some users yearning for more.

The glasses also intelligently detect when they are worn, waking up and auto-pausing audio when removed – a feature that can be disabled in the Huawei AI Life app.

Audio Experience:

The Eyewear 2 boasts an open audio acoustic design, delivering sound through speakers rather than earbuds. The improved speakers from the original model offer louder and more robust audio, providing a stereo effect reminiscent of high-end VR headsets. The open design keeps users aware of their surroundings, making it suitable for outdoor activities.

While the audio quality is commendable for casual listening, audiophiles may miss the finer details and find the bass somewhat lacking. Moreover, the open design results in audio bleed, making the user’s content audible to those nearby. However, the Eyewear 2’s dual built-in mics excel in capturing clear voice calls, even in noisy environments.

Microphone Quality:

For calls, the Eyewear 2 boasts dual built-in microphones that effectively capture voice while minimizing wind interference. Even in noisy environments, the glasses excel at isolating vocals from background noise, ensuring clear communication. This feature adds versatility to the Eyewear 2, making it suitable for outdoor activities and on-the-go conversations.

Smart Functionality and Limitations:

Despite being labeled as smart glasses, the Eyewear 2 lacks some features found in competitors, such as a built-in camera or HUD capabilities. The absence of these functionalities may disappoint users seeking a more comprehensive smart eyewear experience.

However, for those who prioritize audio and communication, the Eyewear 2 offers a streamlined and effective solution. Battery Life, Pros and Cons, and more info on the NEXT PAGE…


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