How To Save Battery Life On Smartwatch Helpful Tips


how to save battery life on smartwatch

what’s the purpose of buying a Smart Watch, if you must plug it almost the hole day on the charger.

  • Your smart watch battery’s dying quickly?
  • and not even lasting you for one single full day?

well I’ve got five quick tips to help extend your watch battery without extra tools or cost. I believe that smartwatches are some of the most amazing pieces we hang on our wrists, however lacking in battery life just like our phones. well If you’re like me, then you’re probably pushing your watch, to the max. with apps, notifications searches, and more.. and so you’re probably popping it into the charger every.

-so here is how to save battery life on smartwatch:

based on what your smartwatch brand is, you have five tweaks that will help you stretch that battery life to last for a couple hours, and maybe even stretch it into a second day.

first let’s start with brightness, as you know smart watches are a small copy of smartphones, and I’m sure you already have experienced the same battery issues with your phone, the brighter the screen the more battery it’s going to take. and the same for your smartwatch. so adjusting your brightness down just a couple of notches, that’s going to help save your battery a little bit. each time and then you can just use the brightness boost as you need dropping a brightness level or two probably won’t bring a hugely noticeable change to your battery life.

how to save battery life on smartwatch

the question of how to save battery life on smartwatch, is depend on which kind of users you are. however, if you go from the top end so a five or six setting, depending on which watch you have.    then you might pull a couple more hours each day, because every bit counts and if you keep it on the lower setting, you can always tap the brightness boost for a temporary enhancement, which is especially handy outdoors next up is the always-on screen so while it’s nice to have the screen on all the time you are sacrificing a ton of battery life in the process. having the always-on, or ambient screen enabled, is ideal since it means the time is always visible without twisting your wrist or tapping on the display. sadly it’s a dramatic battery drain.

turning that feature off if battery life is one of your main concerns, and this should be one of the first things that you need to try, and see if it makes a difference. even though it means your watch face will be blank.

how to save battery life on smartwatch

how to save battery life on smartwatch using Notification apps:

having too many apps notifications can also lead your smartwatch to a fast battery draining. so installing, or just deactivate those apps could help as well. so what you can do, is just take those less essential ones, and move them over to your block list. it’s an easy fix so from the Android wear app. on your phone you can block all notifications from certain apps. so gains other essential used apps, or idea wants to block on your wrist. although social media alerts can feel overly abundant as well, your results will vary based on how many notifications you’re starting with, but you might add minutes potentially an hour – between the charges. one handy feature is the tilt to wake since it means that the display doesn’t have to be on full blast, or on at all when you’re not looking at it. however this is another place where you can save some battery life. by turning this feature off right inside the phones app.

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how to save battery life on smartwatch by turning off the tilt to wake screen:

Go to Android wear app ==> click settings==> and then under your watch settings==> you can turn it to on or off.

now you need to check out the notifications, and make sure everything is on the right mode.

last suggestions are adjusting these quick smart settings, like adjusting the notification modes, and even bringing it into theater mode to disable the screen, if you don’t mind going quiet on your wrist for a bit, you can minimize alerts or even turn off communications entirely. which can save a lot of juice depending on mode and time used. the priority mode is your first line of defense so only white listed notifications can come through, so you won’t get every email text or even Twitter ping, you can then turn off all notifications alarms.

I’m not going to talk about an airplane feature of course it is an effective tip in some situations, that can save you more energy, but it will turn you smart watch to a useless piece, and it will lose all its smart features.

sadly there so many features on your watch that should be deactivated, because they’re consuming so many energy. but for some reasons you have to make that choices if you want your smart watch battery to last few hours more for you.



these are some great tips to help keep your watch battery, and if have some others feel free to comment below, and let me, and others know about your tips. thanks for being here, hope this was valuable for you, and if it is please click on that share button below, and share it with your friends.

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