Best Looking Smartwatches 2018

best looking smartwatches 2018 more functionality, durability and style”

looking for the best looking smartwatches 2018 has leaded us to the first start point of this amazing functional technology. that has been a small part of our life. a few years ago, exactly in 2010 which was the real explosion of smartwatches technology. when Sony Ericsson has lunched his first smart watch Sony Ericsson LiveView”  the first smartwatch that can connect to Android phones and display Twitter feeds, RSS feeds, SMS, control the phone’s media player, and capable of running third party plugins obtainable from Google’s Play Store. and It was compatible with most Android phones. but it hasn’t as so many features as the lowest features smartwatch in the market right now.


the market grows fast, and quickly as crazy. and there are only few brands who can provide their costumers the best looking smartwatches 2018 without even been lunched new products in that exact same year, that’s mean durability of specifications not only design. but because we are here to GUIDE you through a list of beautiful smart watches, we’re not going to focus deeply on the specs. side, but it still be a respected factor as well as the design, and price.

Michael Kors Access Women’s Bradshaw:

before start talking about this watch, there are some points i should mention here. this review is about the best looking smartwatches 2018 which mean the watches I’ll list here are not necessarily the ones with best features, and specs. they might have some software issues, and still have a good chance to be listed here. and the best proof of that is this Michael Kors smartwatch  Access bradshaw  this watch has so many software issues, and bugs in it’s first version. and it still have some bugs in the latest version, even after the upgrade. although this watch, is one of the fewest smartwatches that succeeded to crash the tow in one: the classic style, and smart features.

Quick Info.:

best looking smartwatches 2018

-compatible with Android and iPhone.

-Display notifications for texts, calls,

-emails. Tracks steps, distance, and calories.

-Touchscreen functionality, wireless syncing.

-Powered by Android Wear, digital movement.. See More



Emporio Armani ART5005, and Hybrid ART 3012

these amazing time pieces have made by Emporio Armani one of the leaders in fashion, and what that’s mean is the watches design is more likely to be high quality finished, and stylish you don’t need to worry about that. you know this is a very experienced manufacture, both watches are customizable faces, bands and Water Resistance IP67 . a quick tip,or idea before buying any of these watch that come from classic brands: the high quality design and material it’s guaranteed, but always expect some technology issues. you check our quick info below to see more details about it.

Quick Info.”Emporio Armani Connected ART5005”:

best looking smartwatches 2018


  • Man-Made Materials
  • Smartphone notifications &
  • Touchscreen functionality
  • Android OS 4.3+,iPhone 5/iOS 9.0+
  • quartz movement
  • Case Diameter: 46mm
  • See More…




 Quick Info. of  Hybrid Smartwatch Art3012:

best looking smartwatches 2018

  • smartphone notifications
  • control your smartphone’s music.
  • take a photo see more
  • Quartz Movement
  • Case Diameter: 43mm
  • Water resistant to 50m

fitbit Ionic smartwatch:

choosing this fitbit smartwatch to be the first one of the best looking smartwatches 2018 isn’t from its specs. but basically because of it’s beautifully looking, and nicely finished design. the only thing I don’t like from this watch, is its price tag which is for me a little bit high. it might not look the same way for all people, but this is was only my opinion.

quick info:
  •  built-in GPS/GLONASS 
  • Store and play 300+ songs,
  • download playlists from Pandora
  • comfortable fit for all-day & all-night wear
  • built-in NFC chip
  • Track runs, swims, rides,
  • workouts, all day activity and sleep
  • See More watch features Here.







Garmin vívoactive 3:

I think the Vivoactive 3 is perfect for those who want daily activity steps/hr/stairs/etc. and train pretty hard swim, bike, run – many other sports/activities. but with a beautiful time piece on their wrist.

-Vivoactive3 is “software development” mode. They are still in process of addressing software bugs.
-GPS battery life is about 8-10 hours of GPS use for runs/bike which is not very bad, but it’s a little bit week.
-Garmin pay — very few credit cards can be linked (if this is important to you, make sure your credit card is listed — see Garmin website)

– Its Design which is very comfortable, and definitely can wear 24/7, looks like a real watch. actually that’s why we’ve listed it in the list the best looking smartwatches 2018 it’s better make you know that. 🙂
– Good-great battery life when only in smartwatch mode with optical HR monitor on, it can take to 8 dayswithout GPS mode.
-better than plain activity tracker, and not one of the expensive (2x price or more!).

Quick Info.:

-Pay mobile payment solution.

-More than 15 preloaded GPS and indoor sports apps

-Get connected features such as smart notifications,

-automatic uploads to Garmin Connect, Live Track and more



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