Fahrenheit To Celsius Conversion


Fahrenheit To Celsius Conversion

As you start exploring more and more recipes from various sources, you will find that the ingredients are sometimes listed in grams, which is OK, if you’re from European countries or you have an enough experience in cooking. And if you’re from USA, most of the time it pushes you to do more research to find the exact cup conversion for each ingredient.

Sometimes in ounces and sometimes in cups. And the temperature may be sometimes given in either centigrade, or sometimes in Fahrenheit. You may need to make your own cake or bread flour or self-rising flour, and the recipe may specify that you use one package of instant dried yeast.

Sometimes, you may need to use two fluid ounces of milk, and don’t know how much is that or maybe two large egg whites, these are so many such conversions. And you end up going to the Google search bar again and again, to find out how much you need to use and what temperature you need to set your oven at.

So, these kind conversions will be of great time saver when you start baking. I made this post especially to fix these kind of issues without too much work and search, which sometimes result in so much distraction while preparing the recipe.

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70 Fahrenheit To Celsius

This baking chart, is based on various trusted reference, and I thought these conversions will be so helpful, especially, when you want to have or double recipes.

You could bookmark this page on browser, to be able to find it easily when you need it. It loads faster than any other page and you won’t need to search on google again for these kind of conversions.

Celsius = 1.8(F) + 32

Let’s say that we wanted to make a recipe, but we’ve got that it should be baked at degrees Celsius and we want to put it into American terms and figure out what that is in Fahrenheit.

let’s suppose that it’s 15 degrees Celsius…

The equation of Fahrenheit To Celsius Conversion is degrees Fahrenheit equals 1.8 times (degrees Celsius) + 32.

So, we have to take this degrees Fahrenheit equals 1.8 multiply by 15 + 32, and that would come out to 1.8 times 15 + 32 equals 59, which in significant digits would equals 15 Fahrenheit = 59 Celsius

 225 F  110 degrees C
 250 F  130 degrees C
275 F  140 degrees C
300 F  150 degrees C
325 F  165 degrees C
350 F  180 degrees C
375 F  190 degrees C
400 F  200 degrees C
425 F  220 degrees C
450 F  230 degrees C
475 F  245 degrees C
500 F  260 degrees C

US Liquid Volume Conversions

1 quart  4 cups  960 ml
1 gallon  4 Quarts  16 cups
1 pint  2 cups  480 ml
1 fluid oz  29.57 ml (round off to 30 ml)

Volumes of Liquids

1 cup liquid (water, milk, buttermilk, cream, yogurt, oil)  240 ml
1/2 cup  120 ml
3/4 cup  180 ml
2/3 cup  160 ml
1/4 cup  60 ml
1/3 cup  80 ml
1 tablespoon  15 ml
1/2 tablespoon =1.5 teaspoons  7.5 ml
1 teaspoon  5 ml
2 teaspoons  10 ml
1/2 teaspoon  2.5 ml





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