70 Fahrenheit To Celsius


How to convert 70 Fahrenheit To Celsius: In cooking, sometimes, we found the metric system which uses degrees Celsius instead of Fahrenheit. We know that 70 Fahrenheit degrees, is not 70 Celsius. So, we need to know the exact conversion to apply it to our recipe.

We need to know what is that temperature in degrees Celsius, and to do that we’re going to convert that using our equation for the conversion:

So, we simply plug in our degrees Fahrenheit into this equation and calculate it out. The degrees Celsius equals 75 minus 32 divided by 1.8.

It’s important that you do the subtraction part of the equation first before you divide by the bottom of the light, to come up with the right answer. So, we can use a calculator and do this: 75 minus 32 equals 43 and the divide it by 1 point 8.

In this case, it’s something between 23-24 degrees Celsius. So, 75 degrees Fahrenheit = 24 degrees Celsius. And you can apply the same rule to convert any degree F to Celsius.

Here’s further explanation on where the 1.8 comes from. The Celsius scale was made by setting the freezing point of water at 0 and the boiling point at 100 this created 100 degrees of a specific size. Fahrenheit set his scale with the freezing point water at 32 and boiling point of water at 212.

This created exactly 180 degrees from the freezing point and boiling point. If we reduce the ratio of Fahrenheit degrees to Celsius degrees in the range (180:100) we come to the ratio of 1.8:1 which is where the 1.8 comes from.

The really confusing/frustrating part of converting between Fahrenheit and Celsius is that both of them us the word “degrees” for the unit increments but the degrees for each scale are different sizes. If we could rewrite history many people would choose to do away with the Fahrenheit scale altogether.




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