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best all around smartwatch I’ve tested the most popular smart watches right now on the market, and the Samsung Gear 3 is still the king. this watch has killed it on different sides, and even the its big competitor ”iwatch series 3” didn’t succeed to stay on with it.

Samsung Gear 3

saying that the gear s3, is the best all around smartwatch is not and exaggeration. Bigger, more stable and with so many applications in it. The new Samsung Smartwatch gear S3, launched a year ago, has been the most successful smartwatch experience for most users.

Design level, cast. With traditional watch appearance, circular and fair metal, occasional sports bracelets, and imitation leather at times, it fits everyone perfectly. The use of bone marrow is highly recommended, 1.8 x 1.9 inches.

our best all around smartwatch ” Gear S3” is bigger and heavier than the Apple Watch watch, it is a watch that must be assumed. The 360 ​​degree screen levels are sufficiently bright to be read even in daylight. Protected by a coating called gorilla glass, which allows it to land to a height of 2 meters. They also resist up to a depth of 1.5 meters under water. Clicked to display the image in a separate page.


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Samsung continues to download Android Wear. Our subsidiary Tizen, the operating system that he developed is the same. And why not? at the end, it seems to be a combination of Google and Apple. Works seamlessly enough applications – for my taste – for daily use. But we will return to it.

From the Tizen main screen, you can scroll left or right to access the most used applications and notifications. When we press the lower button, we enter the main applications, cleverly divided into a circle. And surprise: we can resort to better better browsing.

In general, the work environment you choose is at the top. Each rotation is marked by a separate small click that allows you to choose without being mistaken.

Faster action making calls, but also for information. The voice command works well on many different languages, although some work has been done on different accents.

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Some will regret the lack of existing applications compared to other systems such as Apple or Android. Samsung, Facebook, Twitter and Gmail are still missing the call. However, there is progress: uber, spotify, multiple weather applications, and on the ebay call answered.

The Tizen application is a bit messy, but there are a few apps that can be useful. It can also be downloaded from your computer and transferred to the watch.

However, we appreciate the presence of 4G LTE which allows for calls, emails and SMS without Wi-Fi and your smartphone at home!

Samsung Gear S3 Shine Specially. It is packed with useful sensors during physical activity. In addition to GPS and heart data, I found altimeter, pressure gauge and accelerometer. Again, these applications are a bit lacking, compared to fitness-oriented watches like Ionic Fitbit. Be sufficient for an athlete from time to time and anticipate his activity and participation.

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