Best air fryers To Buy

6 ) Simple Living XXL 5.8QT Digital Air Fryer

Simple Living 5.8qt Digital XXL Air Fryer. 3 Piece Accessory Set & Recipe Book.



Another option we have is the simple living XXL 5.8 quart digital air fryer. It will help you take your fried foods to the next level. It can cook for an entire family of up to seven people, and there are a total of seven unique presets including fries chicken steak shrimp pork cake and fish. This airfryer’s rapid hot air circulation, allows you to cook your food anywhere from 170 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

There is also a 60-minute timer that you can use to ensure your food is never overcooked, and the digital LCD touchscreen knob control allows you to choose your presets temperature and cook time with ease. When you buy this airfryer, you also get a three piece accessory set as well as a custom recipe book.

This Air Fryer is ETL certified and has an on stick memory controlled cooking surfaces, and the custom recipe book that you’ll get with it, has recipes for many different types of foods which will allow you to make delicious foods with minimal effort.

Some of the features of this air fryer:

Features seven programmable modes: you will have numerous cooking modes to choose from for every type of possible food.

LCD touchscreen: this appliance is touchscreen makes it easy to get the settings just right every single time you use it.

Heat preservation: the heat preservation function allows you to keep your food warm, so it doesn’t get cold quickly during cold season or if you live snowy areas.

Pros of this air fryer:

Large capacity: the 5.8 quart capacity of this air fryer will allow you to feed up to seven people with a single use.

Nonstick cooking surfaces: the nonstick surfaces of this airfryer makes cleaning up so much easier.

fewer calories Simple Living 5.8qt Digital XXL Air Fryer allow you to reduce the calories in your favorite foods by up to 800%.

There is one con for this Air Fryer, and that is that the fryer is pretty big and bulky, so it takes up a fair amount of space coming in at around one hundred and fifty dollars the simple living XXL air fryer has just about everything you could possibly want. the LCD touchscreen lets you choose from seven different presets allowing you to cook almost any type of food quickly and easily. Get it HERE…



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