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Xiaomi 14 Ultra Global Version Review: A Brave Leap into the High-End Market

In the bustling streets of Barcelona, where innovation meets tradition, I found myself immersed in the excitement of Mobile World Congress Z24. Among the myriad of tech marvels on display, one device stood out—the Xiaomi 14 Ultra Global Version. Priced competitively and boasting a formidable array of features, it’s evident that Xiaomi is poised to challenge industry giants like Samsung and Apple head-on.

Upon first encountering the Xiaomi 14 Ultra’s price tag, I couldn’t help but admire Xiaomi’s audacity. It signaled a declaration of intent—an assertion that they are ready to vie for the top spot in the fiercely competitive smartphone market. Intrigued by this bold move, I embarked on a quest to uncover the rationale behind its premium pricing. What I discovered was that the camera system emerges as its standout feature, positioning it as a formidable contender in the realm of mobile photography.

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Camera Performance: A Closer Look

Comparing the camera specs of the Xiaomi 13 Ultra and its successor, the Xiaomi 14 Ultra, reveals incremental upgrades rather than revolutionary changes. While the main camera sensor sees a modest enhancement with a larger aperture, the 5x telephoto camera also benefits from a wider aperture. Notably, the addition of a 3.2x camera with a true physical 75mm focal length brings versatility to the device’s photography capabilities.

However, despite these advancements, the improvements in image quality may not be immediately apparent to the casual observer. In terms of sharpness and depth of field, the disparity between the Xiaomi 13 Ultra and the 14 Ultra is subtle. While the latter may offer slightly better performance, it may not justify the premium price tag for those already in possession of the former.

Innovative Features Enhancing Photography

Where the Xiaomi 14 Ultra truly shines is in its innovative features designed to elevate the photography experience. The introduction of a macro mode expands the creative possibilities, allowing for captivating close-up shots previously unattainable. Additionally, the Ultra Zoom feature, intelligently utilizing AI, enhances image quality without sacrificing realism—a commendable approach in an era where over-processing has become a concern.

Furthermore, the extended depth of focus feature ensures sharper images with a deeper depth of field, particularly beneficial for capturing intricate details in subjects such as food photography. The introduction of the Master Portrait mode addresses previous shortcomings, delivering portraits with reduced contrast for a more flattering result.

Video Recording and Pro Mode Enhancements

In the realm of video recording, the Xiaomi 14 Ultra impresses with its versatility and attention to detail. The ability to seamlessly switch between the four cameras while recording 4K videos represents a significant advancement, eliminating the need to interrupt the recording process.

Moreover, the incorporation of Pro Mode enhancements caters to the needs of professional users, offering greater control over exposure settings and the option to save custom presets. Partnering with Adobe to enable 16-bit RAW photo capture further solidifies Xiaomi’s commitment to empowering photographers with professional-grade tools.


Display and Performance

The Xiaomi 14 Ultra’s display, featuring a C8 panel from TCL, offers a visually stunning experience with vibrant colors and impressive brightness levels. The addition of features such as Dolby Vision and a 1920Hz touch sampling rate elevates the viewing experience to new heights.

In terms of performance, while benchmark scores may not top the charts, the device excels in real-world usage, delivering smooth gaming experiences and efficient power management.

Battery and Charging:

The Xiaomi 14 Ultra boasts a 90W charger, a sign of its commitment to fast charging technology. However, due to a policy change in China, the charging power has been limited to 80W. This setback is compounded by a shift in wireless charging coil placement, potentially limiting compatibility with existing charging docks. To fully utilize the 80W charging capability, users may need to invest in Xiaomi’s latest charging dock.

Despite these challenges, the device comes equipped with a substantial 5,300mAh Ginga River Battery, showcasing Xiaomi’s dedication to improving battery life. With innovative materials and thoughtful engineering, Xiaomi delivers a battery solution that benefits consumers, ensuring prolonged usage and enhanced reliability.



  • Impressive Camera System: The Xiaomi 14 Ultra boasts a sophisticated camera setup with incremental upgrades, including a larger aperture and a true physical 75mm focal length, enhancing photo quality and versatility.
  • Innovative Imaging Features: New features like macro mode, ultra zoom, and extended depth of focus expand creative possibilities and improve image quality, catering to photography enthusiasts.
  • Enhanced Video Recording: Seamless switching between all four cameras during video recording, support for 4K 120fps recording, and improved cinematic mode offer enhanced versatility and professional-grade video capabilities.
  • Photography Kit: The optional photography kit, with customizable functions and a redesigned grip, enhances user experience and expands creative potential, making it a valuable accessory for photography enthusiasts.
  • Vibrant Display: The Xiaomi 14 Ultra features a vibrant display with a high refresh rate and a wide color gamut, providing an immersive viewing experience for multimedia consumption and gaming.
  • Fast Charging and Battery Life: With a 90W charger and a 5,300mAh battery, the Xiaomi 14 Ultra offers fast and reliable charging solutions, ensuring minimal downtime and extended usage on a single charge.


  • Incremental Upgrades: Despite its premium price tag, the Xiaomi 14 Ultra offers only marginal improvements over its predecessor, making it less compelling for existing users looking to upgrade.
  • Limited Availability and Compatibility: The global version of the Xiaomi 14 Ultra may have limited availability and compatibility compared to the Chinese variant, which offers more options and features.
  • Wireless Charging Limitations: Compatibility issues with wireless charging docks and location-based limitations may require additional purchases for optimal charging efficiency, adding to the overall cost.
  • Mixed Reception of New Features: Features like ultra zoom and extended depth of focus may receive mixed reviews from users due to concerns about artificial image enhancement and unrealistic photography results.
  • Competitive Pricing: Despite its competitive pricing compared to offerings from Samsung and Apple, the Xiaomi 14 Ultra’s incremental upgrades may not justify its premium price tag for some consumers.

Reasons to Buy:

Photography Enthusiasts: The Xiaomi 14 Ultra’s advanced camera system, innovative imaging features, and optional photography kit make it an ideal choice for photography enthusiasts seeking professional-grade capabilities and creative flexibility.

Content Creators: With enhanced video recording capabilities, including seamless camera switching and support for 4K 120fps recording, the Xiaomi 14 Ultra caters to content creators looking to produce high-quality videos on the go.

Tech Enthusiasts: For tech enthusiasts seeking cutting-edge features and advanced functionality, the Xiaomi 14 Ultra offers a compelling combination of performance, imaging capabilities, and user experience enhancements.

Gaming and Multimedia: The vibrant display, high refresh rate, and efficient power consumption make the Xiaomi 14 Ultra well-suited for gaming and multimedia consumption, providing an immersive and enjoyable experience.

Fast Charging and Battery Life: With fast charging capabilities and long-lasting battery life, the Xiaomi 14 Ultra ensures minimal downtime and extended usage, making it a practical choice for users on the move.

Conclusion: Is It Worth the Investment?

The Xiaomi 14 Ultra Global Version emerges as a formidable contender in the smartphone arena, poised to challenge industry stalwarts with its innovative features and competitive pricing. While its camera system may not represent a significant leap forward from its predecessor, the device’s overall performance and user experience make it a compelling option for discerning consumers.

At €1,500, the Xiaomi 14 Ultra may initially seem steeply priced. However, for those willing to overlook minor shortcomings and prioritize functionality and value, it presents a worthy investment. As Xiaomi continues to mature and refine its offerings, it stands poised to ascend to the upper echelons of the smartphone market, challenging established players with its blend of innovation, affordability, and potential for greatness.

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