OnePlus Ace 2 Pro Review

OnePlus Ace 2 Pro Review: A Look at the Upgrades and One Annoying Change

The OnePlus Ace 2 Pro, previously launched as the OnePlus 11R in China, is here to continue the legacy of its predecessor. With the promise of six significant upgrades, OnePlus enthusiasts have been eagerly awaiting this new release.

However, not all changes are met with universal acclaim. In this comprehensive review, we’ll dissect the OnePlus Ace 2 Pro, highlighting the improvements that make it stand out and the one aspect that might leave you disappointed. Check out the latest price here>>

Display: Brighter and More Immersive

The OnePlus Ace 2 Pro retains its predecessor’s 6.74-inch OLED display, ensuring a vivid and immersive visual experience. With a 1.5K resolution and a pixel density of 450 pixels per inch, you can expect crisp and sharp visuals. The continued support for a 120Hz refresh rate ensures fluidity in motion, making your interactions with the device smoother.

One notable upgrade to the display is the increased brightness, peaking at 1600 nits compared to the previous 1450 nits. While the phone lacks an official IP rating, the screen’s improved performance allows you to use it even with wet hands, enhancing its usability.

Performance: A Step Ahead with Snapdragon 8 Gen 2

One of the most significant upgrades in the OnePlus Ace 2 Pro is the switch to the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset. This change brings a substantial boost in performance, placing it at the pinnacle of mobile processing power. While the OnePlus Ace 2 already had a capable Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1, the new chip offers a compelling reason to upgrade for performance enthusiasts.

OnePlus has also claimed improvements in cooling performance, resulting in a stability score increase from the low 60 percent on the Ace 2 to the late 60s on the Ace 2 Pro. While the exact reasons behind this improvement are debatable, the takeaway is that the Ace 2 Pro offers more consistent sustained performance.

Another area where OnePlus seems to have made strides is in the haptic feedback department. Although it’s challenging to quantify, users report an enhanced tactile experience, which adds to the overall premium feel of the device.

Storage: Faster and More Spacious

The OnePlus Ace 2 Pro retains the 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage found in its predecessor. However, OnePlus has introduced a new top-tier variant that boasts a staggering 24GB of RAM and a massive 1TB of storage. This combination ensures that even the most demanding users will have ample resources at their disposal.

The technological upgrade here is also noteworthy, as OnePlus has adopted faster LPDDR5X RAM and UFS 4.0 storage, replacing the LPDDR5 and UFS 3.1 of the previous model. These changes translate into quicker app launches, smoother multitasking, and faster data access.

Charging: Blazing Fast

The OnePlus Ace 2 Pro comes bundled with a 150W Superbook charger, which is an upgrade in itself. The device’s dimensions remain largely similar to its predecessor, with minor variations in thickness and weight. However, the real star of the show is the charging speed.

With the 150W charger, the Ace 2 Pro can charge from 0 to 100 percent in just 17 minutes. This is a remarkable improvement over the already impressive charging time of the OnePlus Ace 2, which took eight minutes longer to achieve a full charge. The combination of a sizable 5000mAh battery and this rapid charging technology ensures that you spend less time tethered to a charger and more time enjoying your device. Check out the latest price here>>

Design: Improved Placement

While the overall design of the OnePlus Ace 2 Pro remains similar to its predecessor, there are two notable changes in terms of placement. The fingerprint scanner has been moved higher on the device, aligning it more closely with the placement found on the OnePlus 11 series. This shift provides a more ergonomic and natural position for unlocking the device.

Another change is the position of the alert slider. OnePlus had moved it to the right side of their devices since the OnePlus 6 in 2018. However, with the Ace 2 Pro, the alert slider has returned to its original left-sided location. This change might be divisive among long-time OnePlus users who have grown accustomed to its previous placement.

Pricing: The Controversial Upgrade

One of the most significant changes in the OnePlus Ace 2 Pro is its pricing. The OnePlus Ace 2, with a 12GB/256GB configuration, started at 27.99 RMB, while the Ace 2 Pro now starts at 29.99 RMB. While it’s undeniable that the Ace 2 Pro brings substantial upgrades, the price increase of seven percent for the base configuration might raise some eyebrows.

Especially when considering that competitors like Redmi are offering similar chips and even an IP68 rating at competitive prices, this pricing strategy might deter some potential buyers.


In conclusion, the OnePlus Ace 2 Pro brings a host of significant upgrades to the table, from a more powerful chipset and faster storage to blazing-fast charging. The improvements in display brightness and haptics enhance the overall user experience. While design changes like fingerprint sensor placement are welcome, the shifting of the alert slider might divide opinion.

However, the most contentious upgrade is the pricing, with a seven percent increase for the base model. OnePlus enthusiasts seeking top-tier performance may find it justifiable, but it may leave others considering alternatives.

Ultimately, the OnePlus Ace 2 Pro is a testament to OnePlus’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of mobile technology. It’s a device that excels in many aspects but leaves room for debate when it comes to value for money. As with any tech purchase, the decision ultimately depends on your priorities and budget. Check out the latest price here>>


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