Apple Watch Ultra 2 vs. Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic

Apple Watch Ultra 2 vs. Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic

Apple and Samsung have once again raised the bar with their latest offerings – the Apple Watch Ultra 2 and the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic. Both models bring substantial hardware upgrades, focusing on performance and display enhancements.

Additionally, they introduce new features that leverage these improvements for innovative gesture controls. This review aims to dissect these titans of the wristwear world, highlighting their design, display, performance, battery life, and value for money. Check out the latest prices here: the Apple Watch Ultra 2 and the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic.

Design and Sizes:

The Apple Watch Ultra 2 maintains the robust design of its predecessor, staying true to the iconic Apple Watch look that has remained largely unchanged since its inception in 2015. It sports a larger, more substantial casing, standing out with its 49-millimeter size. The familiar digital crown and side button are now more pronounced, with an additional action button for customizable shortcuts.

In contrast, the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic exudes elegance and tradition. Available in 47 and 43-millimeter versions, it flaunts a stainless steel case and sapphire glass, evoking a premium feel. The signature circular Hardware bezel not only adds to the aesthetic appeal but also proves highly functional in interface navigation, setting it apart as a posh dress Smart Watch.


The Apple Watch Ultra 2 boasts a new, remarkably brighter display, reaching a peak brightness of 3,000 nits. This enhancement ensures legibility even in the most glaring sunlight, greatly enhancing the user experience. The vivid colors and sharp resolution create a visually stunning interface.

On the other hand, the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic presents a larger 1.3 inch and 1.5 inch display, a significant improvement over its predecessor. These screens are twice as bright as the previous model, making them remarkably easy to view in direct sunlight. The always-on display feature has also seen a boost in brightness, ensuring critical information is always at your fingertips.

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Performance and Features:

Apple Watch Ultra 2 has been equipped with an updated S9 chip, based on the powerful A15 Bionic processor from the iPhone 13. The GPU’s 30% increase in speed and the new 4-core NPU promise a faster, more efficient experience. The addition of the tap feature, utilizing machine learning for precise gesture detection, is a game-changer. This feature opens up a world of possibilities, allowing users to seamlessly interact with their device in new and intuitive ways.

The Galaxy Watch 6 Classic employs the Exynos W930 chipset, a significant leap in speed compared to its predecessor. The introduction of Universal gestures is a noteworthy accessibility feature, expanding the watch’s usability. This feature ensures that the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic is accessible to a wider audience, making it a versatile and inclusive choice.

Both watches excel in fitness and outdoor activities, with the Apple Watch Ultra 2 featuring dual-frequency GPS and an expanded altitude range. The Galaxy Watch 6 Classic’s interface tweaks and improved water and dust resistance ratings make it a versatile companion for various activities. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just starting on your fitness journey, both watches have the features to support your lifestyle.

Battery and Charging:

The Apple Watch Ultra 2 maintains its predecessor’s battery life, offering up to 36 hours in standard mode or an impressive 72 hours in low-power mode. This ensures that the watch can keep up with your busy lifestyle, lasting through long days and workouts. The inclusion of a low-power mode is a thoughtful addition, providing an extra layer of convenience for users.

Meanwhile, the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic delivers solid battery endurance, with the larger version capable of lasting up to a day and a half with the always-on display off. This means that even with regular use, you won’t find yourself constantly reaching for the charger. The battery life of the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic strikes a good balance between performance and longevity.

Bands and Accessories:

Apple offers eco-friendly band options for the Watch Ultra 2, aligning with their commitment to sustainability. The Trail Loop, Alpine Loop, and Ocean band options not only provide style but also contribute to environmental conservation. The shell, made from 99% recycled aluminum, reinforces Apple’s dedication to creating eco-conscious products.

Samsung has introduced a range of new watch bands with the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic, catering to various tastes and preferences. The hybrid leather band, silicone sport band, extreme sports band, and lightweight fabric band offer a wide selection to choose from. This ensures that users can find a band that suits their style and activity level. Additionally, Samsung’s adoption of a quick connect style band with an integrated button makes band replacement and cleaning a breeze.

Models and Prices:

The Apple Watch Ultra 2 comes in a single 49-millimeter version priced at $799, offering a substantial upgrade for those seeking a powerful outdoor companion. This price point reflects the premium quality and advanced features that the Ultra 2 brings to the table. While it may be an investment, it is one that promises a top-tier wearable experience.

In contrast, the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic is available in 47 and 43-millimeter versions, starting at $430 and $400 respectively. This pricing structure offers flexibility, allowing users to choose a size that best fits their wrist and preferences. With the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic, Samsung strikes a balance between affordability and functionality, making it an appealing option for a wide range of users. Check out the latest prices here: the Apple Watch Ultra 2 and the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic.


In this battle of the titans, both the Apple Watch Ultra 2 and the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic shine in their respective domains. The Ultra 2 caters to adventure enthusiasts with its enhanced display and innovative gesture controls, while the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic combines premium design with an extensive feature set.

Ultimately, the choice between these two exceptional smartwatches depends on personal preference and lifestyle, but either way, users are in for a treat with these top-tier wearables. Whether you’re an outdoor explorer or a fashion-forward tech enthusiast, both watches offer an unparalleled wearable experience that sets a new standard for smartwatches in 2023. Check out the latest prices here: the Apple Watch Ultra 2 and the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic.


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