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Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 6 to Introduce FDA-Approved Heart-Rate Monitoring Feature

Samsung announced today that the IHRN (Irregular Heart Rhythm Notification) component of the existing ECG (Electrocardiogram) feature on Galaxy Watches received FDA clearance. Galaxy Watch users will soon be able to use the BioActive Sensor on their Wear OS wearables to look for signs of atrial fibrillation (AFib).

Samsung says the FDA-cleared IHRN feature will debut on the upcoming Galaxy Watch 6 smartwatch series as part of One UI 5 Watch. The series is rumored to consist of a standard model and a Classic variant that should have a physical rotating bezel.

The company also says that the FDA-approved IHRN feature will expand to previous Galaxy Watch editions after the Watch 6 series debuts.

According to the company, the FDA-cleared IHRN feature is activated within the Samsung Health Monitor app and runs in the background using the BioActive Sensor to detect irregular heart rhythms. This feature was initially introduced with the Galaxy Watch 4 series, meaning it will be available on Watch 4 and subsequent models.

The availability of this feature is also confirmed by the upcoming One UI 5 Watch update, which will be exclusive to Wear OS Galaxy smartwatches and will not be available on older Tizen-powered models like the Galaxy Watch 3.

Samsung is expected to unveil the Galaxy Watch 6 series at an early Unpacked event, potentially taking place in late July. The release of the One UI 5 Watch update is scheduled to follow. Recently, Samsung officially announced some of the features of the upcoming smartwatch update, including improved sleep tracking, personalized heart rate zones, and enhanced safety features like Fall Detection and automatic SOS calls.


The tech giant emphasizes that this latest development serves as another illustration of Samsung’s commitment to proactive safety solutions, as well as their dedication to empowering users with a comprehensive understanding of their cardiovascular and overall health.

Source: sammobile


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