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Exclusive Look: Fitbit Upgrades Unveiled in Latest Pixel Watch 2 Leaks

With the highly anticipated launch of the Pixel Watch 2 just around the corner, leaks continue to provide intriguing glimpses into the device’s capabilities. The latest batch of leaks sheds light on the enhancements coming to the Fitbit experience on the Pixel Watch 2.

As previously reported, the Pixel Watch 2 is set to introduce significant upgrades to the Fitbit integration. One notable addition is the incorporation of stress tracking, made possible by an EDA sensor. Leaked images shared by renowned tipster Evan Blass reveal the “Body responses” screen, displaying reactions at various points throughout the day. While the Fitbit Sense 2 also offers this feature, the Pixel’s interface appears to be cleaner and more user-friendly at a glance.

Furthermore, the leaked images showcase a revamped interface for Fitbit workouts on the Pixel Watch 2. The redesigned user interface prominently displays heart rate information along with a “target zone.” While the complete feature set is not entirely discernible from this single screenshot, another leak hints at the inclusion of “pace training” in connection with this same interface.

Image Credit: 9to5google

Evan Blass’s Twitter thread also reaffirms the highly anticipated promotional offer of a complimentary Pixel Watch 2 with the purchase of a Pixel 8 Pro, underscoring Google’s commitment to providing a seamless ecosystem experience. Additionally, purchasers of the regular Pixel 8 can look forward to receiving a complimentary pair of Pixel Buds Pro, further sweetening the deal.

As the launch date approaches, enthusiasts and tech aficionados alike eagerly anticipate the Pixel Watch 2’s official unveiling, with the Fitbit enhancements being a significant focal point of interest. Stay tuned for further updates as we approach the highly anticipated release event.


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