DOOGEE T20 Mini Tablet Review

DOOGEE T20 Mini Tablet Review | Does It Worth Your Money?

In a tech landscape where bigger often seems to be better, DOOGEE has defied the norm with the introduction of the DOOGEE T20 Mini. This innovative tablet, unlike the sea of ever-enlarging smartphones, offers a refreshing take on portability and functionality.

In this comprehensive review, we’ll delve into the unique features, performance, and overall user experience of the DOOGEE T20 Mini Tablet, exploring its potential to redefine our expectations of what a tablet can be. Get it here: DOOGEE T20 Mini Tablet.

Unboxing and Accessories:

The unboxing experience of the T20 Mini is a testament to its entry-level positioning. Inside the minimalist packaging, users will find the essentials – a user manual, a SIM card pin, a charger, and a cable. Additionally, a pre-applied screen film is included, although the decision to remove it due to its impact on screen quality is an important consideration that will be discussed further.

Design and Portability:

The defining characteristic of the T20 Mini is its diminutive size, boasting an 8.4-inch screen that aligns with the dimensions of the iPad Mini 6. This compact form factor challenges the trend of increasingly larger devices, offering a harmonious blend of smartphone convenience and tablet functionality.

Holding the T20 Mini provides a sense of control, making it an excellent choice for various tasks such as watching videos, reading ebooks, or scrolling through social media. The inclusion of SIM card and micro SD card slots enhances its versatility, allowing users to utilize the tablet offline without relying on a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Gaming and Performance:

While the T20 Mini is not positioned as a gaming powerhouse, its MediaTek T606 processor offers decent performance for light gaming. It may struggle with graphically demanding titles like PUBG Mobile at smooth frame rates, but for casual gaming experiences, the tablet proves more than adequate. The 8-inch screen size contributes to comfortable gameplay, allowing users to navigate most of the gaming interface with ease.

Battery Life:

One of the T20 Mini’s standout features is its impressive battery life, attributed to the inclusion of a robust 5060mAh battery. In practical use, the tablet sustained daily activities such as watching TikTok videos and online content, with occasional gaming, comfortably lasting up to four days before requiring a recharge. This extended battery life is a significant advantage for users who prioritize portability and longevity. Get it here: DOOGEE T20 Mini Tablet.

Display and Audio:

The T20 Mini’s display quality is surprisingly commendable for an entry-level tablet. It fulfills the requirements for everyday use, excelling in reading, browsing, and video consumption. Notably, the tablet supports a wide color gamut, a noteworthy feature for movie enthusiasts seeking a more immersive visual experience.

While the T20 Mini boasts dual speakers, they are both positioned on one side. Fortunately, the inclusion of a 3.5mm headphone jack provides an alternative for users seeking a more immersive audio experience.


  1. Compact Size: The T20 Mini’s 8.4-inch screen offers a truly compact form factor, providing a refreshing alternative in a market dominated by larger devices.
  2. Portability: The tablet strikes an excellent balance between portability and functionality, making it an ideal on-the-go companion for users who want a big-screen experience without the bulk.
  3. Versatility with SIM and Micro SD Slots: The inclusion of SIM card and micro SD card slots adds versatility, enabling offline use without relying on Wi-Fi hotspots.
  4. Long Battery Life: The robust 5060mAh battery provides impressive longevity, lasting up to four days with regular usage, catering to users who prioritize extended use on a single charge.
  5. Decent Gaming Performance: While not a gaming powerhouse, the T20 Mini’s MediaTek T606 processor delivers satisfactory performance for light gaming, making it suitable for casual gamers.
  6. Good Display Quality: The display quality is more than sufficient for everyday use, excelling in tasks such as reading, browsing, and video consumption.
  7. Wide Color Gamut Support: The support for a wide color gamut is a pleasant surprise, enhancing the visual experience, particularly for movie enthusiasts.
  8. Audio Options: The inclusion of dual speakers, along with a 3.5mm headphone jack, provides users with flexibility in choosing their preferred audio experience.
  9. Competitive Price Point: As an entry-level tablet, the T20 Mini offers a unique set of features at a competitive price point, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious consumers. Check out the latest price here: DOOGEE T20 Mini Tablet.


  1. Screen Film Quality: The pre-applied screen film, while included, may impact screen quality, prompting some users to remove it for a better viewing experience.
  2. Limited Gaming Performance: The tablet’s MediaTek T606 processor, while suitable for light gaming, may struggle with graphically demanding titles, limiting its performance for avid gamers.
  3. Single-Side Speakers: Both speakers are positioned on the same side, potentially impacting audio balance and stereo experience, although this is mitigated by the presence of a headphone jack.
  4. Entry-Level Processor: The T20 Mini’s MediaTek T606 is an entry-level processor, limiting its performance for resource-intensive applications or high-demand multitasking.
  5. No Mention of Camera Quality: The review does not provide information about the tablet’s camera quality, which may be a consideration for users who value photography or video calls.
  6. Lack of Advanced Features: As an entry-level tablet, the T20 Mini may lack some advanced features found in higher-end models, such as advanced biometrics or cutting-edge display technologies.


In summary, the DOOGEE T20 Mini emerges as a distinctive tablet with a unique selling proposition – its compact size. In a market saturated with oversized gadgets, the T20 Mini strikes a delicate balance between portability and usability, making it an ideal big-screen companion for those on the move.

If you find yourself not needing the high-performance capabilities of larger tablets and are enticed by the prospect of a smaller, more portable device, the T20 Mini presents a compelling option.

Drawing inspiration from Apple’s former slogan for the iPad Mini, “Small is the new big,” DOOGEE T20 Mini ventures beyond the conventions of tablet design. It dares to be different, offering a device that challenges the status quo and may well be the perfect fit for users seeking a unique and portable tablet experience. In a world where size often dictates our gadget choices, the T20 Mini stands out, beckoning those who value innovation in form and function. Check out the latest price here: DOOGEE T20 Mini Tablet.


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