galaxy watch 46mm

galaxy watch 46mm or 42mm, Which size to buy??

If design and features are important in buying a smartwatch, the Size and proportions would be mandatory.

Galaxy Watch 46mm Or 42mm, Which One To Buy?

Having a smartwatch that gives you the ability to make calls, answer your messages, track your fitness and health, is simply great. But what if that smart piece that gets you all these tasks done, doesn’t look stylish on your wrist…?

Yes,” Of course companies like Apple and samsung… don’t do anything without testing and studies. But doing that doesn’t guarantee that it will be 100% at the level of either the user’s hopes or the company expectations itself. and this gap grows when we’re talking about the watch design, Size, and proportions.


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Samsung has two sizes on its brand new smartwatch, but there are a lot of variations when it comes to people’s wrists. don’t know exactly when they should buy 42mm, and when they should buy 46mm. they don’t have straightforward data that they can base on to form their choice.

In this review, we’re going to look at the difference between the two sizes, and try to help you decide which one is the right size for you.


There is the 42 ml size, and the galaxy watch 46mm, which is always in the silver and black version. so I’m going to show you the watch and how it looks on small rests and on large rests, and that will give you an idea of what we are talking about.

And usually, people with large wrist will have more options, because it’s rarely that we found a watch too much smaller in the wrist. And even if it’s, it will not look bad on it. But on the other side, if a watch is too much bigger than your wrist, then you have better throw it in the trash.

That’s why you should probably keep attention, and read attentively this review, as it will help you avoid making these kind of mistakes that may cost you time and money.

galaxy watch 46mm


The 42 millimeters on about 66 centimeters wrist, Will look quite good. And the 46-millimeter watch on the same wrist will look a little bit bigger, but as I said a little bit not too big.

if your wrist is smaller, you probably need to go for the 42 mm version, and that’s because the bezel on 46-millimeter might look slightly out of place or potentially too big. maybe you like that style, but I think it’s better if your watch face is smaller than your wrist size.

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so first up on picture number 1, in which we have the 42mm watch version, and it looks quite good on the 5.5-centimeter wrist of that girl. But in the picture number 2, we have the same watch, but on a different wrist which looks bigger than the one in picture one. And you can see right there that the watch looks too much small for that wrist. some people might like that, and if you’re one of them, then don’t wast your time on this article.



On the right side of the second image, and exactly the picture number 2: we have 46mm galaxy watch on a wrist that was between 7 – 6.5 Centimeter, and the watch looks good on it.

On the left Side, in picture number 4: we have the same watch, but with a completely different wrist size. We can see clearly how the watch is too bigger, from how it looks in the 7 Centimeter wrist. and you can see there that it just looks a bit ridiculous.

if you like a big and bulky style watch, you’re gonna want to go for the 46. so it’s really down to personal choice.

You don’t need to worry about performance, they both have the same processor on board. they’re both at 1.15 gigahertz processor. the battery is a key difference to note on the 46-millimeter version, the battery is 472 milliamp, and on the 42mm version is only 270 milliamp. so 472 versus 270 basically it’s 200 extra milliamps on the 46-millimeter version. But any way you’re not going to see a significantly longer battery life, because of the differences between the two screen. So larger screen means more battery consumption, I mean that the 46mm might last longer than 42, but it will not last too long. <<<Galaxy Watch>>>