Spatial Video Feature in iOS 17.2

Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro Introduces Spatial Video Feature in iOS 17.2 Beta 2

In a groundbreaking move, Apple has rolled out an innovative update for iPhone 15 Pro users, bringing the highly anticipated Spatial Video feature to life with the release of iOS 17.2 beta 2. The announcement, made in September alongside other camera updates for the device, opens up a new dimension in capturing and reliving precious moments.

The Spatial Video feature, designed for use with Apple Vision Pro, allows users to record videos in 1080p at 30 frames per second, delivering remarkable depth for viewing within the Photos app on Apple Vision Pro. To enable this feature, users can navigate to the Settings app, where a new toggle for “Spatial Video for Apple Vision Pro” has been introduced.

For optimal results, Apple recommends keeping the iPhone in landscape orientation and stable while recording. The resulting video files are approximately 130 MB per minute. Once the toggle is activated, a new “Spatial” option appears in the Camera app’s “Video” interface, denoted by a Vision Pro-style icon in the bottom-left corner.

The anticipation for the full potential of this feature grows as Apple plans to launch Vision Pro in early 2024. At that time, users will be able to experience these spatial videos through an AR/VR headset. Moreover, the Vision Pro headset will offer the capability to capture spatial video directly, providing users with a unique and immersive way to relive their memories.

Apple’s vision for this technology is to transport users back in time, allowing them to relive special moments with friends and family in three dimensions. The spatial photos and videos, when viewed through Vision Pro, promise to offer an unparalleled depth of experience.


Apple's iPhone 15 Pro Introduces Spatial Video Feature in iOS 17.2 Beta 2
Image Credit: iSoftware Updates

Currently, users can capture spatial video using the iPhone 15 Pro, but the “spatial” aspect cannot be viewed immediately. When replayed via the Photos app, the video appears as a standard 1080p recording.

However, the strategic move by Apple encourages users to start building their library of spatial content today, ensuring they have a treasure trove of immersive memories to enjoy when Vision Pro becomes available next year. This feature is poised to redefine the way users interact with their captured moments, promising a new era in the world of smartphone videography.



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