watchOS 10.1.1

Apple Releases watchOS 10.1.1 to Address Battery Drain Issues

Apple has rolled out a crucial update, watchOS 10.1.1, aiming to resolve battery drain concerns reported by some Apple Watch users. The update is now available for download free of charge through the Apple Watch app on iPhones running iOS 17 or later.

To install watchOS 10.1.1, users must navigate to General > Software Update within the Apple Watch app. It’s important to note that the Apple Watch should have at least 50 percent battery charge and must be placed on a charger during the update process.

Complaints regarding accelerated battery consumption emerged shortly after the launch of watchOS 10.1. Apple promptly acknowledged the issue and assured users that a software release would address the problem. Today’s update lives up to that commitment, delivering essential bug fixes and rectifying the battery drain issue for affected users.

Apple has confirmed that it is currently in the testing phase for the forthcoming watchOS 10.2 update, which is anticipated to be released in tandem with iOS 17.2 in December. The company continues to prioritize user experience and aims to provide seamless functionality across its ecosystem of devices.

For those experiencing battery concerns with their Apple Watch, the release of watchOS 10.1.1 promises a swift and effective solution. Users are encouraged to promptly update their devices to ensure optimal performance.


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