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In this xiaomi mi band 3 buy online review, we will cover most of the Mi band features, and how to use the Mi fitapp to control your band.

After the success of MI band, and MI band 2, a few weeks ago; Xiaomi announced the third version of MI band series. This new fitness tracker from Xiaomi, comes in a transparent box with some ordinary accessories.

The main features of this smart band specs. Is the 110 milliamp battery, and NX 580m waterproof.

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xiaomi mi band 3 buy online

The MI band 3 looks completely different from its previous versions, but the build quality is quite good like other made bands.

The curved glass in MI band 3 is 0.78 inch OLED display, and for the first time this smart band support the gestures.

At the back of the tracker we have the heart rate sensor in the MI logo below it on the top we have the single button which is now merged with the screen about

The band it’s TPU, and made up of skin friendly materials. The build quality of both: the tracker, and the band is really good. The band of the watch is similar to what we have seen in the previous models.

xiaomi mi band 3 buy online

and to tie the smart band you have disturbed with snaps in the hole now let’s insert the tracker into the band the tracker goes from the back and you just have to adjust and press little bit and it fits right in place

Comparing it side, by side with the MI band – we have similar band with the more adjustable levels, and also the front class of the tracker is curved unlike the flat class of the MI band.

You would need to download the MI fit app, in order to use it with your phone. The app is available for both, Android, and iOS.

All what you have to do, is install the app and sign it to army account. Pairing it, is quite easy, and you’ll have to go to the payer section, and select the band. And then it will automatically start looking for the nearby bands, and once it is found you will get a notification on the smart band, and by pressing the button it will be paired with your phone.

This smart band, looks very chic on the wrist, and it’s lightweight and comfortable to wear. I really like the overall design, look, and the feel of the MI band3.


the first thing on the smart band you will see is the date and time you can access the menu by swiping up and down and also right and left swiping up will show you the step counts and now if you swipe to the left you can see the distance covered calorie burned in the available battery level and about the battery Xiaomi says that it should give you 20 days of standby time, and to go back if you press the button once, it will go back to the main menu screen. Pressing it again, it will take you back to the clock face. If you swipe up again, you’ll be in the heart rate monitoring option.

And to start measuring the heart rate, you need to press and hold the button on the screen. The heart rate monitoring on MI band 3 is accurate.

Swiping up again on your smart band, you’ll be able to see the weather section, where it shows the 3 days of weather forecast.

The MI band 3 has also notification option, where it shows you the number of notifications you have received, and you can go through the notifications by swiping left.

The next option: allows you to silent your phone from the watch itself.

This band has three different watch faces, so you can choose the style you want by selecting it, and touch on the screen to activate it.

You will also be able to see the call notification, and you can silent the call by pressing the button once, and if you long press the button it will reject the call.

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The Mi band fitapp: xiaomi mi band 3 buy online

The MI fitapp, is one of the best smartphones companion app, so when you open the app it will automatically start the same process.

Allowing you see the today’s step count, last night’s sleep details, and the option to see your last activity and the last measure heart rate.

You can also see the historical data, by going through one of the categories you have programmed the band for.

xiaomi mi band 3 buy online

xiaomi mi band 3 buy online

In the second page of the app, you’ll be able to control the activity section, where you can start your workout activity such as, outdoor running, treadmill cycling and walking.

And in the profile page: there will be every step count of the day. Kilometers you have covered with the MI band, and how many times you have achieved your goal. Below it, there you’ll be able to see the current connected device. Which will be in this case the MI band 3.

A soft touch on it, will allow you to see the remaining battery of the smart band. And then below it you have the notification option, where you can all the incoming calls, alerts alarm, and app alerts.

And here you can select the app for which you want to receive the notification on the smart band and then we have the idle alert, and the call alert.

The goal alerts: helps you focus on your daily achievements by absenting the alerts on the band. you can also set it to the do not disturb time, in which you don’t want to receive the notifications on the smart band. xiaomi mi band 3 buy online

Apart from that, you have the other general settings such as, band location lift wrist to view info, which means race to wake and you can enable or disable it at any time you want. The heartrate detection by default is off, but you can set it to continuous heart rate monitoring, which will give you more accurate data, but it will consume more battery.


Lock settings in the app: once you enable lock setting, you’ll need to swipe up on the MI band screen to unlock it, and to be able to access the menu.

Display settings: allow you to select the items which you want to hide, or show on the smart band, and you can also rearrange the order from there.

So that’s all we have in the app and for to me this app does offer detailed information of a daily fitness activities.


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MI band 3, has all new design and features, the design is attractive, lightweight and comfortable to wear. And most importantly: it is packed with lot of new features.

with 5ATM Water Resistance technology, Xiaomi MI Band 3 can work well 50m under water, deeper than most similar fitness trackers and smart watches in the market can handle, which fulfill all your daily routines, you don’t need to worry when taking shower, washing, running in the rain, swimming and surfing. And offers 20 days of standby time and keeping in mind all that we definitely recommend this band and if you like it and wants to buy one do check the link below.

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