Soundcore Motion X600 Speaker Review

Soundcore Motion X600 Portable Hi-Fi Speaker Review

In the world of budget wireless speakers, finding the perfect balance between price and performance can be a challenging task. Achieving a remarkable spatial audio experience demands years of research and development, with the budget allocated for hardware playing a pivotal role. Even the most seasoned acoustics experts can’t provide a one-size-fits-all EQ solution for every listener, which is why opinions on audio products can be so diverse.

Enter Soundcore, the audio brand within the Anker family, which has consistently delivered impressive audio products with innovative features. In this review, we’ll take a close look at the Soundcore Motion X600, the world’s first portable Hi-Fi speaker, designed to offer an immersive high-quality sound experience at an affordable price point. We’ll delve into its design, hardware, sound quality, and overall performance to determine if it lives up to the hype. Get it here: Anker Soundcore Motion X600

Design – Aesthetic Elegance and Durability

The first and most striking aspect of the Soundcore Motion X600 is its design. Available in three captivating colorways – Polar Gray, Luna Blue, and Aurora Green – the speaker’s aesthetic draws inspiration from the natural wonder of the Northern Lights. The speaker is a harmonious blend of various materials, with metal grilles covering the front, exuding a premium feel.

The aluminum handle affixed to the top of the speaker is sturdy and comfortable for carrying. The transition of colors between the materials is seamless, and the overall design is visually captivating. What’s more, the Motion X600 boasts an IPX7 rating for water resistance, a feature typically reserved for premium devices. This makes it an ideal companion for indoor and outdoor activities, be it in your living room, on your balcony, or at a lively party.

Soundcore has excelled in creating a speaker that not only sounds great but also looks like a piece of art. There are no sharp edges or unsightly lines; it’s a testament to their commitment to tasteful design. Additionally, the clever concealment of screws beneath the panels adds to the overall elegance of the speaker’s design.

Functionality – Thoughtful Design Elements

The Soundcore Motion X600 doesn’t just impress with its aesthetics; it also incorporates thoughtful design elements for practical use. Underneath the handlebar, you’ll notice wave-like grooves designed to provide a secure grip even when your hands are wet. This attention to detail ensures that you can confidently carry the speaker without fear of it slipping from your grasp.

Furthermore, Soundcore has gone the extra mile in ensuring a clean and seamless design by hiding all the screws under the panels. This meticulous attention to detail enhances the overall aesthetics and user experience, as it leaves no visual distractions. In sum, Soundcore has crafted the Motion X600 as a Bluetooth speaker that is as functional as it is visually appealing.

Hardware – Power and Precision

Beyond its eye-catching design, the Soundcore Motion X600 impresses with its hardware. The acoustic performance is driven by five amplifiers and fine drivers, resulting in a total output of 50 watts. The P5 drivers consist of two woofers, two tweeters, and a remarkable full-range driver on top.

Notably, the Motion X600 incorporates spatial audio, a feature that creates a more immersive soundstage with audio content from any source. This self-developed algorithm can decode stereo sound into a three-channel sound, including an upward sky channel powered by the up-firing driver.

In practice, the 3D spatial sound delivered by the Motion X600 is truly impressive. Activating the spatial audio feature enhances the listening experience, regardless of the source material. The separation between instruments becomes clearer, providing an immersive sense of space.

However, it’s worth noting that to fully appreciate the spatial audio effect, positioning yourself at an optimal distance and angle from the speaker is essential. Nonetheless, within its 360-degree range, the Motion X600’s 51-watt output makes it stand out among its competitors. Get it here: Anker Soundcore Motion X600

Connectivity – Cutting-Edge Features

The Soundcore Motion X600 offers the latest Bluetooth 5.3 support, with an outstanding codec that transmits up to 990 kbps. This feature not only ensures a stable connection but also allows the speaker to be certified for wireless high-res audio playback. The convenience of wireless connectivity cannot be overstated, making it easy to connect to various devices without hassle.

Control Panel – Intuitive and Responsive

The control panel on the Motion X600 is well-designed and intuitive. All buttons are neatly illuminated for easy access. The power button, located on the far left, is slightly recessed for quick identification. The buttons are responsive, with tactile feedback providing a satisfying user experience.

Alongside the power button are switches for Bluetooth, spatial audio mode, and a bass boost mode. These options allow you to tailor the audio to your preference, depending on the type of music or content you’re enjoying.

On the right side of the control panel, you’ll find the standard volume and play buttons, ensuring easy control over your audio playback. At the back of the speaker, there are ports for power input and an aux input, catering to users who may want to connect the Motion X600 to a TV, projector, or other audio sources. These features enhance the speaker’s versatility, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Sound Quality – Impressive Audio Performance

The Soundcore Motion X600 stands out as a premium model in its price range, surpassing many of its competitors. Its robust build quality translates into a well-balanced and clear sound output. The 50-watt output is capable of filling a large room with rich, loud audio – an impressive feat for a portable speaker under $200.

The power coming from the drivers is palpable, especially when activating the bass boost mode. The surging bass can be felt physically, creating an immersive audio experience. For those who appreciate the nuances of music, the spatial audio feature will be a revelation. It provides a sense of separation between instruments, contributing to an immersive and spatial soundstage. While the spatial audio effect is most pronounced within a narrower soundstage, it remains a noteworthy feature that sets the Motion X600 apart.

Professional acoustic tests conducted by DXOMARK corroborate our experience with the speaker. The Motion X600 is rated as the number one wireless speaker under $200, earning a place in the global top 20 rankings. Its spatial audio performance ranks among the top three for all wireless speakers tested by DXOMARK. This recognition from experts underscores the speaker’s exceptional audio quality. Get it here: Anker Soundcore Motion X600

Customization – Tailored Listening Experience

For users who want to fine-tune the audio to their liking, Soundcore offers a companion app called Soundcore. The app provides access to four preset EQ settings and a versatile 9-band EQ with a bass boost mode for adjustments. With these customization options, you can find the perfect sound profile to suit your preferences and the content you’re listening to.

Battery Life – Extended Playback

The Motion X600’s battery life is equally impressive. It can deliver up to 12 hours of playback time without the bass boost and spatial audio modes active. Even when these features are activated, the speaker still offers over 10 hours of playback time, as estimated by the manufacturer.

It’s worth noting that the speaker will automatically power off when not in use, further conserving battery life. This ensures a longer working hour when the speaker is in use, making it a reliable choice for extended listening sessions.

Conclusion – A Wise Investment

In conclusion, the Soundcore Motion X600 exceeds expectations for a portable speaker under $200. Its compact and premium design, coupled with excellent portability, make it a go-to speaker for various scenarios. The combination of the bass boost and spatial audio features elevates the audio experience, delivering a balanced and lively sound. Whether you’re a casual listener or an audio enthusiast, the Motion X600 offers a compelling blend of design, hardware, and performance.

For those who desire true spatial audio and the freedom to play audio from various devices, the Soundcore Motion X600 represents a wise investment. Its spatial audio performance, recognized by experts, places it at the pinnacle of wireless speakers in its price range. With the added convenience of the Soundcore app for customization and an impressive battery life, the Motion X600 stands as a testament to Soundcore’s commitment to delivering quality audio products. Get it here: Anker Soundcore Motion X600


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