Marshall Motif II ANC

Marshall Motif II ANC Review: “Pros & Cons” And Reasons To Buy It

In the world of true wireless earbuds, Marshall has thrown its hat into the ring once again with the Motif II ANC. A sequel to the original Motif, these earbuds come with a range of improvements, promising an enhanced audio experience, upgraded noise cancellation, extended battery life, and a design overhaul.

Priced at $199, they offer a more affordable alternative to some of the bigger players in the market. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at what the Motif II ANC brings to the table.


Unboxing and Initial Impressions:

Upon cracking open the box, you’re greeted with the Motif II ANC earbuds snugly nestled in a compact carry case. Marshall has made a thoughtful choice in designing a case that not only looks sleek but also provides a tactile grip, deviating from the often too smooth cases that can lead to accidental drops. The case, with a rubbery texture, feels durable and pocket-friendly.

Inside the box, you’ll find the Motif II ANC earbuds, a set of silicon ear tips in two alternative sizes (small and large), a distinctive patterned USB cable, and a quick start guide. Marshall’s attention to detail is evident even in the packaging, setting a positive tone for what’s to come.

Design and Build Quality:

The Motif II ANC earbuds themselves carry forward Marshall’s signature aesthetic. Compact and detailed, they sport the iconic Marshall “M” branding, a textured stem, and a slick brass detail on the bottom end. What’s noteworthy is that 70% of the plastic used in these earbuds is recycled, aligning with a more environmentally conscious design.

The textured stem serves a practical purpose, offering a secure grip when inserting or removing the earbuds. This is a welcome departure from the slippery cases that plague many other true wireless earbuds, often leading to fumbles and drops.

Setup and Marshall App:

Setting up the Motif II ANC is a breeze. Simply open the lid near your Android smartphone, and a connection prompt appears. For those on the Apple side, worry not; these earbuds are compatible with iPhones as well. The Marshall app, a companion essential for maximizing the potential of these earbuds, offers an array of features.

Battery life monitoring, switching between different noise cancellation modes (including transparency mode), adjusting noise cancellation levels, and even Spotify tap support are just a few highlights. The app provides an extensive range of customization, allowing users to tailor their experience to suit their preferences.

Touch Controls:

The touch controls on the Motif II ANC are comprehensive, offering a mix of single, double, and triple taps, as well as long presses. The large “M” on the top of each bud serves as the touch-sensitive area. These controls can be customized to perform various functions, from adjusting the equalizer settings to changing the volume or summoning the voice assistant.

For those who prefer a more hands-off approach, there’s an option to minimize touch controls or turn them off entirely. Answering, ending, or rejecting calls is also seamlessly integrated into the touch control repertoire.

Noise Cancellation:

As the name suggests, the Motif II ANC comes with active noise cancellation, an upgrade from its predecessor. The enhanced noise cancellation does an impressive job of isolating the listener from ambient distractions, creating a serene listening experience. Transparency mode is available for those moments when awareness of the surroundings is necessary.

Audio Quality:

Marshall doesn’t compromise on sound quality, and the Motif II ANC is no exception. Boasting 6mm drivers, these earbuds deliver Marshall’s signature sound profile. The Marshall app provides users with an upgraded custom equalizer, offering presets like Bass Boost, Trouble Boost, and Mid Boost. Users can also create their own custom EQ, allowing for a personalized audio experience.

Microphone Performance:

Improvements in microphone performance have been made, ensuring clear and crisp calls even in noisy environments. While the review doesn’t dive deep into this aspect, it briefly mentions satisfactory results even in the presence of loud background noise.

Battery Life:

Battery life has seen an upgrade as well. The Motif II ANC offers around six hours of playback on a single charge, with an additional four full recharges from the case. This totals an impressive 30 hours of usage before needing to recharge the case. Marshall has included battery preservation features in the app, allowing users to set maximum charge limits and adjust charging speeds. Wireless charging, Pros and Cons, and more details on the NEXT PAGE…



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