iPhone 15 Pro vs. iPhone 14 Pro

iPhone 15 Pro vs. iPhone 14 Pro: Why No Need To Upgrade?

The anticipation surrounding Apple’s Wonderless event was met with fervor and excitement as the tech giant unveiled its latest marvels, including the highly anticipated iPhone 15 Pro. As tech enthusiasts and Apple devotees eagerly scrutinize the newest offerings, the inevitable question arises: how does the iPhone 15 Pro measure up against its predecessor, the iPhone 14 Pro, and other models from previous years?

In this in-depth comparison, we’ll delve into the minutiae of both phones’ specifications and features to help you make an informed decision on whether it’s time for an upgrade. Check out the latest prices of iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro here.

Design and Build:

The iPhone 15 Pro’s physical dimensions signify a thoughtful evolution. Its slight increase in thickness, now at 8.25 millimeters, accommodates a larger battery—a move that promises extended usage time.

Interestingly, despite the added girth, the overall dimensions have been meticulously refined, resulting in a phone that is marginally smaller, measuring 146.6 millimeters in length and 70.6 millimeters in width. Notably, the iPhone 15 Pro sheds weight, a feat attributed to the incorporation of a new titanium material, tipping the scales at a mere 188 grams, down from the previous 206 grams.

Display and Refresh Rate:

Both the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro present users with near-identical screen resolutions, ensuring a captivating visual experience at 2556 by 1179 pixels. The pixel density maintains its high standard at 460 pixels per inch. An enduring hallmark, the ProMotion display, continues to impress with its seamless 120Hz refresh rate, delivering silky-smooth transitions and animations.

Display Protection:

The application of Ceramic Shield, enhancing screen resilience, is a tried-and-true feature, extending back to the iPhone 12 series. This technology endows both the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro with robust protection against everyday wear and tear.


Here, we witness a significant leap forward. The iPhone 15 Pro arrives with the groundbreaking A17 Pro chipset, manufactured on an advanced three-nanometer process, while its predecessor houses the A16 chipset. The A17 Pro introduces a six-core CPU, comprising four efficiency cores and two performance cores, a testament to Apple’s commitment to pushing the boundaries.

Apple asserts that the performance cores yield a 10 percent increase in power. Further enhancing the device’s capabilities is the inclusion of a six-core GPU, a leap forward from the previous generation, capable of executing ray tracing for cutting-edge graphics.

Memory and Storage:

The iPhone 15 Pro surpasses its predecessor with 8 gigabytes of RAM, an enhancement from the iPhone 14 Pro’s 6 gigabytes. This augmentation in memory is poised to translate into more efficient multitasking and a heightened overall performance. The storage offerings remain consistent, commencing at 128 gigabytes and reaching a capacious 1 terabyte for both models.

Battery Life and Charging:

A pivotal improvement lies in the battery department, with the iPhone 15 Pro boasting an impressive 18 percent increase in capacity over the iPhone 14 Pro. Apple maintains that video and audio playback times remain identical between the models, but the marriage of the A17 Pro chipset and the augmented battery suggests that real-world usage may favor the iPhone 15 Pro.

Charging undergoes a transformation as well, with the iPhone 15 Pro adopting a USB-C port capable of supporting up to 28 Watts, promising expedited charging compared to the lightning port on the iPhone 14 Pro.

Water Resistance and Ports:

Both models maintain their IP68 rating, providing a robust defense against submersion in up to 6 meters of water for 30 minutes. The introduction of the USB-C port on the iPhone 15 Pro is a notable shift, promising not only swifter charging but also 10-gigabit data transfer speeds. Unfortunately, the absence of headphone jacks persists on both models. Check out the latest prices of iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro here.

Additional Features:

The iPhone 15 Pro introduces a versatile action button, empowering users to swiftly customize functions such as toggling airplane mode or initiating timers. This feature, currently exclusive to the iPhone 15 Pro, adds a layer of convenience to the user experience. Bluetooth technology also receives an upgrade, with the iPhone 15 Pro boasting Bluetooth 5.3, surpassing the iPhone 14 Pro’s 5.0.

Camera Enhancements:

While the camera specifications may not leap off the page, the iPhone 15 Pro ushers in a 48-megapixel wide camera equipped with a larger sensor, promising enhanced low-light performance and overall imaging quality.

The 12-megapixel ultra-wide and telephoto cameras also receive substantial improvements. Video capabilities continue to impress, with the iPhone 15 Pro capable of recording 4K video at an impressive 60 frames per second—a substantial upgrade from the iPhone 14 Pro’s 30 frames per second.

Selfie Cameras: Both models sport 12-megapixel selfie cameras endowed with autofocus and the capacity to record 4K video, ensuring that your selfies and video calls radiate with sharpness and detail.

Ultra-Wideband (UWB) Technology:

The iPhone 15 Pro ships with the latest U2 chip, elevating the device’s ability to locate other UWB-enabled devices and accessories. This upgrade extends the range and precision of UWB applications, signifying a leap forward in spatial awareness technology.

Pricing and Colors:

One of the most gratifying revelations of the iPhone 15 Pro launch was the absence of a price hike. The base model, offering 128 gigabytes of storage, maintains its price point at $999, mirroring the iPhone 14 Pro. Additionally, Apple introduces a captivating array of new color options, featuring a sleek titanium finish in black, white, blue, and natural titanium.


In summation, the iPhone 15 Pro ushers in a slew of substantial improvements over its predecessor, the iPhone 14 Pro. From the formidable A17 Pro chipset to the capacious battery and amplified camera capabilities, the iPhone 15 Pro stands as a compelling proposition for those seeking the pinnacle of Apple’s technological prowess. The introduction of the USB-C port and the absence of a price increase are commendable enhancements that further sweeten the deal.

Ultimately, the choice to upgrade hinges on your individual needs and preferences. If you’re an avid tech enthusiast craving cutting-edge performance and the latest features, the iPhone 15 Pro beckons as an irresistible choice. However, if your current iPhone meets your requirements with aplomb, the iPhone 14 Pro remains a steadfast and reliable companion.

The power to decide rests in your hands, but rest assured, with each new iteration, Apple continues to set new benchmarks, and the iPhone 15 Pro exemplifies this unwavering commitment to innovation. Check out the latest prices of iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro here.


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