Infinix GT 10 Pro Review

Infinix GT 10 Pro Review: Redefining Mid-Range Gaming Excellence

In an era where gaming smartphones come in all shapes, sizes, and price points, the Infinix GT 10 Pro emerges as a notable contender, aiming to revolutionize the premium mid-range gaming experience.

With its eye-catching cyber mecha design, a fluid 120Hz AMOLED display, the potent MediaTek Dimensity 8050 chipset, and a generous battery life, all priced under $250, the GT 10 Pro holds the promise of delivering impressive gaming prowess without burdening your wallet.

Thanks to Infinix for providing this early unit for review and partnering with us for this exploration. Let’s dive into an in-depth examination of what the Infinix GT 10 Pro brings to the table.

Unboxing Experience: Beyond the Ordinary

The journey begins with the unboxing experience, where the GT 10 Pro surprises with its thoughtfully designed packaging. Inside the box, alongside the device, we find a SIM card tool, a pre-applied screen protector, and a clear protective case to safeguard the device.

Moreover, Infinix goes the extra mile by including a pair of 3.5mm earphones, catering to those who still appreciate the classic headphone jack. The inclusion of an orange-themed power cable adds a dash of color consistency, setting a distinctive tone for the entire unboxing ritual.

What sets the GT 10 Pro’s packaging apart is its dual-purpose nature. The box can be ingeniously transformed into a music amplifier and charging holder, allowing the cable to pass through the back. This clever addition showcases Infinix’s commitment to eco-friendliness and user experience, adding a layer of fun and interactivity to an often overlooked aspect of owning a new device.

Design: Cyber Mecha Elegance

One cannot overlook the visual impact of the GT 10 Pro’s cyber mecha design. Drawing inspiration from the cyberpunk genre, the device is available in cyber black and mirage silver variants. The flat edges not only contribute to the device’s futuristic appearance but also contribute to a comfortable hold, a vital consideration for marathon gaming sessions.

A striking highlight is the customizable mini LED indicator located on the rear panel. This indicator lights up in a pulsating manner, serving as a visual cue for incoming calls, notifications, charging status, startup animation, and even gaming mode activation. This distinct touch adds a layer of individuality and flair to the device’s aesthetics.

Display: Immersion Redefined

The GT 10 Pro’s display is arguably one of its crowning achievements. Featuring a spacious 6.67-inch flexible AMOLED screen, it boasts a 120Hz refresh rate that transforms mobile gaming and multimedia consumption into an incredibly smooth and immersive experience. The flexible nature of the display eliminates the need for a pronounced chin, resulting in a screen-to-body ratio of approximately 93%. This design choice offers minimal bezels, further enhancing the visual engagement.

The combination of full HD+ resolution and the 120Hz refresh rate, facilitated by LTPS technology, ensures vibrant visuals and smooth animations. The 360Hz touch sampling rate adds a layer of responsiveness crucial for competitive gaming, where split-second decisions can make all the difference. The display’s TUV certification not only underscores its quality but also ensures comfort during extended gaming sessions.

Performance: A True Gaming Companion

At the core of the GT 10 Pro’s gaming prowess lies the MediaTek Dimensity 8050 chipset. Built on an efficient 6nm process, this chipset strikes a balance between power and energy efficiency. Designed for mid-range gaming, the Dimensity 8050 is complemented by ultra graphics powered by the all-sensory game engine. The integration of a 360Hz touch sampling rate, a linear motor, 4D vibration technology, a high-precision gyroscope, and a symmetrical dual speaker system create a holistic gaming experience that transcends the screen.

The device offers 8GB of LPDDR4X RAM, expandable up to 16GB, through a unique utilization of ROM as RAM. This means that even while indulging in gaming, you can seamlessly multitask with other apps running in the background. The inclusion of 256GB of UFS 3.1 storage ensures ample space for games and media. Moreover, the dual SIM card slot doubles as a microSD card slot, facilitating storage expansion of up to 1TB.

Software: Gaming-Centric Enhancements

The GT 10 Pro runs on the XOS 13 4GT, a customized version of Android 13. Noteworthy is the minimalist approach to bloatware, ensuring an uncluttered interface that aligns with the device’s gaming focus. Customizations, such as gaming-themed icons, contribute to the immersive experience. The X Arena feature, coupled with the Dar-Link Engine, allows users to tailor their gaming settings, optimizing their gameplay.

Furthermore, features like lightning multi-window and split-screen view cater to multitasking without interrupting gaming sessions. These software enhancements strike a harmonious balance between gaming immersion and overall usability.

Camera and Imaging: Beyond the Battlefield

While gaming remains the cornerstone, the GT 10 Pro doesn’t compromise on its camera capabilities. A 32MP front camera resides within the punch-hole cutout, offering clear and detailed selfies. On the flip side, the 108MP primary camera, accompanied by a large 1/1.67-inch sensor, elevates photography to a commendable level.

Features like AI cam, super night mode, dual video, and Sky Shop contribute to versatile photography experiences. For videographers, the device supports 4K video recording at 30 frames per second. This demonstrates Infinix’s intent to provide users with a comprehensive multimedia package beyond the gaming realm.

Battery Life and Charging: Prolonged Playtime

With a capacious 5,000mAh battery, the GT 10 Pro aptly accommodates long gaming sessions without the constant need for recharging. The inclusion of a 45W charger in the package ensures swift and efficient charging times. PD 3.0 support guarantees safe and reliable charging. Bypass charging functionality addresses concerns of overheating during intensive gameplay, ensuring uninterrupted performance.

Final Verdict: Gaming on a Budget Redefined

In the realm of mid-range gaming smartphones, the Infinix GT 10 Pro stands tall as a testament to affordability and performance. With its arresting design, impressive display, capable chipset, and thoughtful software enhancements, it redefines the boundaries of what a budget-conscious gaming smartphone can achieve. Infinix’s commitment to delivering a premium gaming experience at an accessible price range is commendable, as the GT 10 Pro effectively dismantles the notion that gaming excellence must come with a hefty price tag.

For gamers seeking a gateway to immersive gameplay without straining their budget, the Infinix GT 10 Pro emerges as a compelling choice. Its cyber mecha aesthetics, fluid performance, and array of features underline its suitability for both gaming enthusiasts and multimedia enthusiasts alike. As we bid adieu to this review, it’s evident that Infinix’s endeavor to create a gaming marvel on a budget has yielded remarkable fruit in the form of the GT 10 Pro.


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