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Huawei Watch GT4 Review: Breaking the Mold in the World of Smartwatches

Huawei’s Smartwatch division continues to surprise and innovate. This year alone, the company has unleashed a slew of new wristwear, including the Huawei Watch 4, Huawei Watch 4 Pro, and the grandiose Huawei Watch Ultimate. However, they show no signs of slowing down, as they’ve now introduced the Huawei Watch GT4.

With an extensive range of models and features, the Huawei Watch GT4 aims to cater to a diverse audience. Having had the opportunity to spend some quality time with these watches, I’m excited to share my early hands-on review of the Huawei Watch GT4.

Design and Variations:

One of the first things that struck me about the Huawei Watch GT4 is its departure from the conventional smartwatch design. Instead of offering a one-size-fits-all approach, Huawei presents a selection of sleek timepieces to suit various preferences. Moreover, you can choose between two distinct sizes, adding to the customization options.

The larger 46mm Huawei Watch GT4 boasts an angular finish with time markers on its slender bezel. It comes in four different models, each with its unique charm. The black rubber variant, designed for those with an active lifestyle, features a raised bezel for added screen protection and a durable fluoroelastomer strap.

If you prefer a more sophisticated look, the brown leather model sports a flat stainless steel bezel and a soft leather strap. The steel version shares the same case design as the brown leather variant but offers an integrated 316L stainless steel bracelet. Finally, the rainforest green GMT model stands out with its vibrant green and white inner bezel, 24-hour markers, and a braided composite strap made from recycled ocean-bound nylon.

For those seeking a more compact and elegant option, the 41mm Huawei Watch GT4 is an excellent choice. It maintains the angular design but is under 10mm thick, making it sleek and stylish. This version features a floating lug for strap attachment and a golden bezel. You can pick from three designs: white leather, Milanese, or the striking two-tone piano key model with a dual-tone steel case and golden accents on the bracelet.

Regardless of your choice, all Huawei Watch GT4 models are water and dust-resistant with an IP68 rating. They can withstand pressures of up to five atmospheres, making them suitable for various water-related activities.


The screen size and resolution differ between the 41mm and 46mm versions of the Huawei Watch GT4. The 41mm models come with a 1.32-inch AMOLED screen, while the larger 46mm models feature a 1.43-inch display.

However, all models share the same 466 x 466 pixel resolution, ensuring sharp visuals with excellent contrast, deep blacks, and impressive viewing angles. The screens offer high brightness, making them easily readable even in direct sunlight.

Compatibility and Software:

The Huawei Watch GT4 is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. To establish a connection, you’ll need to download the Huawei Health app. Through this app, you can set up your smartwatch, manage notifications, and customize various settings. It’s important to note that there is no eSIM variant for the Huawei Watch GT4; it relies on Wi-Fi connectivity.

The watch runs on HarmonyOS 4.0, featuring Huawei’s familiar UI. Users familiar with previous Huawei watches will feel right at home. The watch offers a wide array of widgets, comprehensive health data, and a decent selection of pre-installed apps. Additionally, you can use the Celia Voice Assistant for various tasks and receive notifications from select apps. The quick reply feature allows you to respond to messages from apps like WhatsApp and Messenger directly from your wrist.

Customization is key when it comes to watch faces. The Huawei Watch GT4 offers a range of new watch faces, including elegant options for the 41mm version and sporty choices for the fitness enthusiasts. Huawei has enhanced customization, allowing users to tweak complications, colors, and design elements to create a personalized look.

Health Tracking and Fitness Features:

Huawei has upgraded the health tracking capabilities of the Watch GT4 with the introduction of the TrueScene 5.5+ heart rate sensor. This sensor offers improved accuracy, especially in lower temperatures and during high-intensity workouts where heart rate fluctuations are common.

The watch also boasts a Smart Cycle calendar, which predicts menstruation and fertility windows based on body data. A family health sharing feature is included, allowing the watch to alert you if an abnormal heart rate is detected in an older family member.

The Watch GT4 offers an extensive range of sports and exercise tracking options, including soccer and calorie tracking. By inputting your daily calorie intake into the companion app, you can monitor your calorie expenditure during physical activities, helping you make more informed dietary choices.

Huawei’s Health Clubber Action returns with activity rings, providing users with motivation and rewards for staying active. The Watch GT4 even awards virtual medals for accomplishing fitness goals, adding a fun and competitive aspect to your workouts.

For outdoor enthusiasts, the Watch GT4 boasts upgraded GPS tracking known as Sunflower GPS. This technology, combined with a five-system setup, offers precise and accurate tracking, ideal for activities like hiking and running.

Sleep Tracking:

The Watch GT4 incorporates TrueSleep 3.0 with sleep breathing awareness, ensuring consistent monitoring of your respiration and heart rate throughout the night. While it may gently remind you about your bedtime, it might also guilt-trip you for staying up too late. But hey, some of us have work to do, even with a Watch GT4 on our wrists!

Battery Life:

While I can’t provide a final verdict on battery life and performance until I’ve had more time with the Huawei Watch GT4, initial indications are promising. The smaller 41mm model is estimated to offer seven days of use, while the larger 46mm model doubles that with a whopping 14 days of battery life. These estimates consider mixed use, including exercise tracking and GPS usage.


In conclusion:

The Huawei Watch GT4 is a breath of fresh air in the world of smartwatches. Its diverse range of models and features cater to a broad audience, from fitness enthusiasts to fashion-conscious users. With its impressive display, extensive health tracking capabilities, and promising battery life, the Huawei Watch GT4 is poised to be a strong contender in the smartwatch market. Keep an eye out for its release, and consider making it your next wrist companion.


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