Instinct 2 Solar Review

Garmin Instinct 2 Solar Review: The Ultimate Sports Watch for Outdoor Enthusiasts

The Garmin Instinct 2 is the latest addition to Garmin’s lineup of sports watches, and it’s more than just an upgrade – it’s a complete overhaul that brings a host of new features and improvements.

Building on the success of the original Instinct and Instinct Solar, this new iteration offers a smaller Instinct 2s option, along with solar charging capabilities for both sizes. Furthermore, Garmin has introduced various editions, including camo, surf, and tactical versions, each tailored to cater to different outdoor activities and styles.

In this comprehensive review, we’ll delve into the many enhancements of the Instinct 2 lineup, discussing its design, display, battery life, GPS accuracy, heart rate monitoring, sports and fitness features, Connect IQ app support, and much more.

Design and Display:

The Garmin Instinct 2 retains the iconic and popular rugged design that the original Instinct was known for. Its durability and ease of readability in direct sunlight make it a perfect companion for outdoor adventures. With options for both a larger 45mm version and a smaller 40mm Instinct 2s, users can choose the size that fits their wrist best.

Moreover, Garmin offers an array of colors to suit individual preferences and styles, making it a highly customizable sports watch. Whether you prefer a classic look or a more vibrant style, the Instinct 2 has options for everyone.

The most notable upgrade to the display is the significant increase in resolution compared to its predecessor. The 45mm version boasts a resolution of 176 by 176 pixels, while the smaller 40mm Instinct 2s sports a resolution of 156 by 156 pixels.

This enhancement results in smoother graphics, crisper fonts, and improved visuals throughout the user interface. Widgets have also been redesigned, now displaying multiple widget glances with each press of the up and down key, providing more information at a glance and a smoother user experience.

Battery Life:

Battery life has always been a strong point for Garmin’s Instinct series, and Instinct 2 continues this trend. The 45mm Instinct 2 can offer up to 28 days in smartwatch mode and has the potential for unlimited battery life when exposed to enough sunlight.

The addition of solar charging capabilities ensures that even during long outdoor adventures, the Instinct 2 can keep up with your activities without worrying about running out of power. On the other hand, the 40mm Instinct 2s offers up to 21 days in smartwatch mode, still providing impressive longevity.

GPS Accuracy:

Accurate GPS tracking is crucial for any sports watch, and the Instinct 2 excels in this area. Whether you’re running, cycling, hiking, or engaging in other outdoor activities, the Instinct 2’s GPS performance remains top-notch.

The GPS tracks are precise and align well with external sensors, providing reliable data for analysis and performance tracking. Whether you’re exploring new trails or competing in a race, you can trust the Instinct 2 to record your routes accurately.

Heart Rate Monitoring:

The Garmin Instinct 2 includes Garmin’s latest 4th generation elevated heart rate sensor, providing 24/7 heart rate monitoring. The new sensor boasts improved accuracy, offering more reliable heart rate data during activities and throughout the day.

Whether you’re engaged in high-intensity interval training or enjoying a leisurely walk, the Instinct 2 will keep track of your heart rate with great precision. Users can also use the heart rate data to monitor their stress levels, ensuring they find a good balance between workouts and recovery.

Sports and Fitness Features:

Garmin has listened to user feedback and added many sought-after training and performance features to the Instinct 2. It now estimates V02 max for both running and cycling, providing valuable insights into your aerobic fitness.

The new visual race predictor is a fantastic addition, offering estimates of potential race times based on your recent training data. It visualizes how your training affects your potential race performance, motivating you to achieve your goals.

Furthermore, the Instinct 2’s training status, load, and recovery time advisories help users optimize their training routines. By tracking your training progress over time, the Instinct 2 provides valuable guidance to prevent overtraining and avoid injuries.

Connect IQ Support:

One of the most significant advantages of Garmin watches is their Connect IQ app store support. With Connect IQ, users can extend the functionality of their Instinct 2 by downloading and installing various third-party apps.

Whether you need weather updates, route syncing, or specialized data fields for your activities, you can find a suitable app in the Connect IQ store. The wide selection of apps ensures that your Instinct 2 is tailored to your specific needs and interests.


The Garmin Instinct 2 is a significant improvement over its predecessors, offering a multitude of new features and enhancements that cater to the needs of outdoor enthusiasts and athletes alike. Its rugged design, impressive display, extended battery life, and accurate tracking capabilities make it a top choice for various activities, including running, cycling, weight training, and more.

With the addition of Connect IQ app support and extensive customization options, users can personalize their Instinct 2 to suit their preferences perfectly. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or an outdoor enthusiast, the Garmin Instinct 2 is a sports watch worth considering for all your adventures. Its blend of style, performance, and functionality makes it a reliable companion that will help you achieve your fitness and adventure goals.


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