Amazefit T-Rex 2 Review

Amazefit T-Rex 2 Review: A Rugged Smartwatch That Lives Up to Expectations

In the ever-evolving world of smartwatches, Amazefit has carved a niche for itself with their T-Rex series. Building on the success of its predecessors, the Amazefit T-Rex 2 takes ruggedness and functionality to new heights.

This review will explore the Amazefit T-Rex 2’s military-grade materials, plethora of smart functions, and its ability to live up to the expectations of fitness enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike.

Unboxing and Design

The T-Rex 2 arrives in a visually appealing box, showcasing Amazefit’s commitment to aesthetics and presentation. Inside, we find the watch, and the reviewer has opted for the dark grey edition. The construction feels unique as Amazefit has opted for a lightweight plastic case, which keeps the price reasonable.

However, one can’t help but hope for a future metal pro edition for an even more premium feel. The watch features four physical buttons, which is a welcome departure from the touch-only interfaces of many other smartwatches. This enhances usability, especially during outdoor activities.

Specifications and Endurance

With a 1.39-inch AMOLED display covered by tempered glass, the T-Rex 2 delivers vibrant visuals while maintaining durability. The 500mAh battery offers impressive endurance, providing up to 25 days of usage with regular use.

This standout feature makes the T-Rex 2 a reliable companion for adventurers and mountaineers, as it can work up to nine days even in super cold conditions. The biotracker 3.0 and dual-band positioning options ensure precise tracking, setting the T-Rex 2 apart from its predecessors and even some competing devices.

User Interface and Customization

Navigating the T-Rex 2’s user interface is a breeze, with swipe gestures and button functions that become intuitive after a brief learning period.

The reviewer commends Amazefit’s inclusion of various customization options for cards and functions, making it easy for users to access essential information swiftly. Notably, the watch boasts flagship-grade performance, with apps launching quickly and overall UI smoothness. Check out the latest price of Amazefit’s T-Rex 2 here.

Fitness and Health Tracking

The T-Rex 2 leaves no room for compromise when it comes to fitness and health tracking. Its heart rate tracking is praised for its accuracy, and the blood oxygen saturation measurement is similarly reliable.

The watch excels in sleep cycle monitoring, providing valuable insights into the wearer’s sleep quality. Additionally, the barometer and GPS functionality are impressive, reflecting Amazefit’s advancements in achieving GPS accuracy.

Smart Functions and Connectivity

Amazefit T-Rex 2’s smart functions continue to impress, with a variety of apps catering to health, productivity, and even action camera control. The watch’s notification management stands out, allowing users to read and respond to messages conveniently.

Although the absence of a speaker, microphone, or smart assistant may be considered drawbacks, the T-Rex 2’s focus on ruggedness and durability justifies these omissions.

Exploring Extra Features

Beyond fitness and smart functions, the T-Rex 2 offers additional features that cater to various needs. Its integration with calendar apps ensures users never miss important appointments, while the to-do list and world clock functions are convenient for travelers and busy professionals. The ability to track menstrual cycles is a welcome addition for female users seeking to monitor their health holistically.

App Integration and Future Potential

The T-Rex 2’s expanding app ecosystem enhances its appeal. Users can install additional apps to personalize their experience further. One noteworthy integration is the ability to use the watch as a remote for a GoPro Hero 10, making it a valuable tool for adventure enthusiasts capturing their experiences.

Additionally, Amazefit promises to enable importing of tracks, routes, and waypoints in future firmware updates, potentially transforming the watch into a must-have companion for bikers and explorers.

Limitations and Room for Improvement

While the T-Rex 2 impresses with its array of features, a few limitations merit consideration. The lack of a speaker and microphone may deter some users seeking call functionality.

Additionally, the absence of a software keyboard limits the watch’s text input capabilities, but the predefined responses offer a satisfactory alternative. As the reviewer points out, access to internal storage for uploading files like pictures or music could have enhanced the T-Rex 2’s versatility further.

Check out the latest price of Amazefit’s T-Rex 2 here.

For athletes and sports enthusiasts, the Amazefit T-Rex 2 emerges as a strong contender in the world of sports smartwatches. With its rugged build, precise tracking, and exceptional battery endurance, it competes effectively with established players like Garmin.

Compared to other rugged smartwatches, such as the Casio G-Shock series, the T-Rex 2’s smart features give it a significant advantage. While it might not have all the features found in certain other smartwatches, the T-Rex 2’s strengths undoubtedly make it a blockbuster offering from Amazefit for 2022.

In conclusion, the Amazefit T-Rex 2 impresses with its military-grade toughness, extensive smart functions, and reliable fitness tracking capabilities. Whether you’re an outdoor adventurer or a fitness enthusiast, the T-Rex 2 is a worthy companion. With its competitive pricing and potential for discounts in the future, it presents a compelling option against other top-tier smartwatches.

Amazefit’s T-Rex 2 sets a high bar for rugged smartwatches, proving that it does amaze and live up to the expectations of users seeking a versatile and durable timepiece. The T-Rex 2’s future potential through app integration and firmware updates solidifies its position as a top contender in the smartwatch market, and it’s no wonder that this offering from Amazefit continues to garner praise and recognition from tech enthusiasts and adventurers alike. Check out the latest price of Amazefit’s T-Rex 2 here.


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