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Welcoming you to this zeblaze vibe 3 review, in which we’ll cover the most defining specification of this smartwatch. Zeblaze VIBE 3, is the latest rugged wearable from Zeblaze. It is not a super smartwatch, but it’s a great supplement for sport people.

The design of the Zeblaze VIBE 3 has more of a sport look, and feel to it. So it’s being aimed more at an active audience. The wrist bands are made out of a very soft and comfortable silicone, with an adjustable metal clasp that makes it very easy and quick to put on.

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The Zeblaze VIBE 3 features a rating of ip67, which means it’s a dust and water resistant wearable. And like other fitness focused smartwatch in the market, VIBE 3 a strong set of the essential fitness features.

The Zeblaze VIBE 3 features a built-in chip type: Nordic 52832. So, there’s not much to say about these Zeblaze VIBE 3 performance, except that it’s very fast and responsive. It sync very well with Android OS as well as iOS devices, so you’re not going to encounter any lag stutters, or drop frames leaving you with a very smooth, and enjoyable experience with the whole accuracy on fitness features.


Zeblaze has added a few watch faces that features few additional functionality.

and give you the ability to change the style of how your watch looks like, in addition to that, they allow you to keep track of you daily activity data.

The Zeblaze VIBE 3 has a larger capacity battery of 180 mAh, more than most other smartwatches at its price range.

Getting you something about 5-10 days in standby mode. Depending on if you had always screen on, or off.

But this is with rather normal usage, if you plan on using it a lot for tracking you’re walking, or running, the battery draining may be a little bit quicker, and you may be losing roughly 20% within a day or two.

So, depending on how much features you use a day, you may or may not even make it through the whole 5 days. The good thing about the VIBE 3, is that it doesn’t cost you too much to get yours. It’s an under $40 smartwatch, so there’s no too much worries if you find that it’s not what you’re actually looking for.

It’s just good cheap fashioned wearable that gets you all your fitness data, calls and messaging notifications. So, you’ll most likely a watch like this. It’s not a full smartwatch, but it can gets you the most important things of your workouts done.

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