The most expensive smartphones Galaxy Note 9


With the price of This specific Samsung Galaxy Note 9, you can buy over fifty ordinary note 9s that are available in the other stores. Not because of extra features it has, or a longer battery life it can provide or anything like that, but because it’s a customized piece of tech.

World Best Smartphone 2018-2019

despite the fact that this smartphone is built from the original Note 9, which means it has the same features and specs that any other galaxy note 9 has, this phone doubles the price of the original Galaxy Note 9 for many times.

you maybe asking what makes this Galaxy Note 9 costs $58 450. But when you know that this phone is covered by 1000g of fine Gold, you’ll quickly understand the reason why it’s too pricey like that. But my personal question is: what’s the purpose of having an extra 1kg of weight in you pocket?


It appears clearly from that price range, that this phone is not for everyone. Not everybody can handle that expensive price, and not everyone has the intent or the desire to invest such amount of money on a smartphone.

A kilogram of gold of 999th standard was spent. They didn’t make the design of this jewel more complicated and took the look of a gold bar itself as a base – laconic, luxurious, expensive; only one look is enough to remember it forever! This is an unforgettable gift for a person who cannot be surprised easily. Samsung Note 9 version of Caviar 

most expensive smartphones

most expensive smartphones




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