apachie bluetooth smartwatch review | does it worth ?

apachie Bluetooth smartwatch review, why it worth to be in your closet.

I’m not going to advertise it for something it doesn’t has. what i will show you, is the result of my real experience. so, when saying apachie bluetooth smartwatch, that’s will definitely refer you to DZ09 smartwatch. simply because that is the model number of this watch.

DZ09 gear Bluetooth Smartwatch, Is a convenient wristwatch that supports SIM card insert, and anti lost. this watch comes in different colors, but the most common one, is bronze. one of the most interesting things about this watch, is that it has the ability to make phone call by it’s own without the need of your phone.
alright, let’s take a look at the design face of the watch itself. right away you’re going to notice some
really cool features, like for example it has a camera on the top, and a microphone. it has a home button down, conveniently at the bottom. and it has a much more interesting user interface, comparatively to some other models like, UAD and others.
the call quality is quite good, and the next thing I wanted to show you, is that it’s an mp3 player. so you can play music directly from your watch using your SD card. and other thing is, it has an FM radio in it. which i think is strange,because there is no headphone jack on this watch, and the only way to get the FM radio to work, is with a headphone jack and it doesn’t have one. so definitely an oversight by the manufacturer on that regard.
works well as a standalone watch, it’s a it’s a much smarter watch, than say like a calculator watch in the sense. it has a calculator on it, but again it has that independence, where it doesn’t need to be paired with a an iPhone, or any other smart phone. over all for its small price, it’s
not too bad.
talking a little bit about the pedometer, and sleep monitoring, I will not go along with this things because honestly they aren’t accurate in this watch. actually it’s so hard to find a smartwatch that is accurate on stuffs like that, even on high priced brands there still too many issues, when we talk about tracking features.
I can tell you: that this watch feels really big, and bulky on small wrists, and it also just isn’t that
comfortable of a watch. anyway considering that this is not a highly priced watch, i can say: this watch is you can have in your closet, as a different experience.
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