Apple Reportedly Developing Smart Home-Style Display Feature for iOS 17

iOS 17

According to a recent report from renowned tech journalist Mark Gurman at Bloomberg, Apple is said to be working on an innovative feature for its upcoming iOS 17 update. The new functionality aims to transform the iPhone’s screen into a smart home-style display, providing users with convenient access to various widgets and notifications.

Gurman reveals that when the iPhone is locked and tilted horizontally, the interface will showcase essential information such as weather updates, calendar appointments, and notifications.

The widgets will be presented on a dark background with bright text, expanding on the lock screen widgets introduced in iOS 16. This feature is particularly useful when the iPhone is placed on a desk or nightstand, enabling users to stay informed about important notifications and upcoming events without unlocking the device.


Interestingly, Google already offers a similar feature for its Pixel devices through the Pixel Stand. When a Pixel smartphone is placed on the stand while charging, users can access different settings or enjoy a slideshow of images from their Google Photos collection.

Additionally, the Pixel devices feature Google’s At a Glance widget, which provides useful notifications, including date, calendar appointments, and air quality alerts, on the home and lock screens.

Furthermore, Gurman reports that Apple is also working on bringing this feature to the iPad, along with the development of a magnetic mount for the tablet. This move is seen as Apple’s response to the competition posed by the Google Pixel Tablet, which comes with a speaker dock that doubles as a charging station. Once the iPad is mounted on the dock, users can configure it to display an array of smart home controls or use it as a digital photo frame.

Apple is expected to unveil this exciting new feature alongside iOS 17 at its highly anticipated Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) next month. Alongside the smart home-style display, other rumored updates for the operating system include the introduction of a journaling app to encourage users to log their thoughts throughout the day and enhancements to the Wallet app.

As anticipation builds for Apple’s WWDC, tech enthusiasts and Apple users are eagerly awaiting the official announcement of iOS 17 and the accompanying features. Stay tuned for more updates as Apple continues to innovate and enhance its ecosystem of devices and services.


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