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Hiking smartwatch Aiwako UW80 review What You Need To Know About UW80

Hiking smartwatch Aiwako UW80

Doing a small overview on the Hiking smartwatch Aiwako UW80, the watch looks very similar to UWEAR in terms of design, and technical features as well, and personally I don’t see any difference between these tow time pieces. they both are smart sports watches, and featuring integrated navigation system, and powerful battery life, real-time body condition monitor, location and trail sharing, and various sports modes, but to be honest with you, the both watches are messing something very important in the design side, and elegance. I don’t know what is it, but I feel like the manufacture didn’t consider the design, as one of the three highly important factors in today smart watches, before lunching this watches.

Technical features:

Hiking smartwatch Aiwako UW80. With built-in GPS marks your starting point and tracks the distance, speed and space when you are hiking, even when your smart phone is not around. Aiwako UW80 will guide you back to where you set off, so you will never need to worry about getting lost. That’s why I think this watch is most likely to be a hiking, and fishing sport watch or something like that, than been a fitness watch. You know fitness passionate are highly sensitive to their style mode, and unfortunately that’s what this watch had missed out. 

This watch is IP68 which mean, it is fully waterproof, and has an always-on technology, A very powerful battery 450mAh, with more than fifteen days on watch-mode, seven days on usage mode, and with the constant GPS usage the battery life can stand up to 20 hours. of course the manufacture declared that it can last more than that, but logically these are the numbers that can take effect in normal cases, because there is no why to get an exact data about how long a smart device battery can stay. it always depends on usage.

Bluetooth and connectivity of Hiking smartwatch Aiwako UW80:

we have also a Bluetooth 4.2,  which is an advanced version which allows you to make different connections with lower energy consumption. and the Strap Material is made from Environmental Silicone Rubber, and It fits 5.5″-9.3″ wrist circumference.

The Aiwako UW80 has a built in heart rate monitor uses a very sophisticated technology called photo-plethysmography, which detects your pulse without discomfort from a chest strap.


Hiking alone could be fun, but sometimes things Go wrong and the fun trip could be highly risky. That’s why it’s important to let your friends know where you are in case anything dangerous happens. Hiking smartwatch Aiwako UW80 allows you to share your location with your family and friends using its free app.

And of course you can use the location share feature, for other purposes as well if you want that, but the main idea as I’ve already said is for safety reasons.

By setting up your custom SOS buttons on your UW84, your watch will notify all your friends to help you out as soon as possible, when you’re in danger.

with a full Compatibility with Android 4.4, iOS 8.0 and above system, the UW84 smart watch is the best triple-positioning system that offer accurate running tracking and outdoor navigation. It marks your starting point and tracks the distance, speed and space when you are hiking, if you’re someone who don’t like the habits of charging the watch every night, and still want the have all your smart features in your wrist, then most probably this watch is what you need to have on your hands.


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