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Garmin vivoactive HR GPS Smart Watch, Regular fit


Hi” dears, first of all, the Garmin vivoactive HR, is a gps sport watch activity  and sleep tracker, All right so the Garmin vivoactive HR there is a lot to talk about with this device, so let’s first take on design, and then we can talk about what it actually does, and how it works. 

If you want to learn more about its companion app called Garmin Connect. In terms of design, the vivoactive HR has an interesting yet oddly familiar look to it.   

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garmin vivoactive HR

it reminds me of a smaller more comfortable version of the Fitbit surge, or a slightly larger version of the Garmin vivoactive HR, it’s really nice, and it’s comfortable, but there’s no way around the fact that it definitely looks like, a sport watch at all times. Now it does have traditional watch style bands that are removable so you can get different colors, and whatnot. But again, it doesn’t have that style element of the Fenix 3. And it won’t be as durable either, because it’s mostly plastic beyond that however the hardware side is pretty much on point.

It’s got Garmin’s Chroma display, that is beautiful and it’s large in full color, and backlit, and sunlight-readable which is awesome and then it’s also a touchscreen, and I do believe it’s better, and more responsive than the touchscreen we saw on the first generation vivoactive. The lens on top of the display, is mineral crystal, so eventually you’re going to get smaller scratches on that in the bezel. But I think it will be mostly cosmetic stuff.

garmin vivoactive HR

So aside from using the touch screen, you will also be using two physical buttons. Basically a back button that also serves as a way to lock the device, and turn it off, And then a start button which is also how you enter settings, and start a workout.

Now if you turn the watch over, there’s a built-in risk based heart rate sensor, that is running both 24/7, and during workouts. though if you want you can also pair with it an external aunt plus heart rate sensor, the wrist heart rate sensor is the same one we saw on a bunch of other Garmin devices, it’s good for endurance sports like running, and certain interval training workouts, but anything with a lot of muscle flexion in your arm, it won’t be good for so things like weight training, and CrossFit. 

you’ll probably want that external heart rate sensor, also that built-in heart rate monitor will be switched off during swimming, workouts, and unfortunately the vivoactive HR will not work with the HRM swim or HRM tri heart rate monitors for your heart rate during swimming, so that’s not going to be an option with that. I really like having the built-in sensor I think it’s better gauges your activity level throughout the day, and you can see more accurate calories burn numbers, so it’s nice to have that 24/7 heart rate sensor.

garmin vivoactive HR

Battery life of Garmin vivoactive HR.

Five days on average, that’s what you can expect even though Garmin says it can be up to 8 days in Smart-Watch mode. I’ve never quite got there. This will obviously all depend on how active you are, and how many sensors you have running, and then how often you sync it. Which by the way it uses Bluetooth to pair with your Android iOS, or Windows 10 device, and it will sync also via USB to your PC, or Mac. so a lot of options to

you there in terms of sensors it does have GPS, and GLONASS which is the Russian form of GPS so you’re double covered, but the more sensors you have running, the more you’re going to tax that battery.

Three things you can do with the smart-watch vivoactive HR:

1-it’s your activity and sleep tracker, so it has all of the features of your more advanced fitness tracker. you do get a daily steps goal, and Garmin automatically adjust that goal based on your recent activity level, so that goal remains attainable to you, and keeps you motivated it’s pretty cool, and then you do get daily alarms both vibration, and audible ones, and move reminders in a move bar.

2-the vivoactive HR is also a GPS sport watch that is in constant beast mode and by that I mean, it supports a lot of activities you’ve got running indoor, and out cycling indoor, and out pool swimming not open water swimming unfortunately. you also have golf Garmin has over 40,000 courses that you can choose from, and then you have water sports, such as paddle boarding, and rowing and indoor rowing. Snow sports such as skiing, and snowboarding. And then you can also create your own sport profiles as well.

It tracks all of the metrics you’d expect basically anything you’d associate with that sport. it works with external sensors such as heart rate monitors, and speed and cadence sensors. And if you’re looking for a GPS watch or a running water, or whatever, the vivoactive pretty much has you covered.

3-It’s a Smart-Watch that is actually. Very helpful, it relays all of your phone notifications, so as soon as you get an alert, it’s going to show up right on your wrist. assuming you’re within 30 feet of your phone, but then you also have a little notifications widget to check all of your older alerts, and that’s anything that shows up in your phone, not just text messages, could be a Facebook message whatever. In addition to that it shows the weather and your calendar, and then has music controls.

Though the iOS ones are not quite perfect it’s only stored music on iOS, and then you can also control the Garmin VirB action camera, which is a huge plus if you ask me. It does have access to Garmin Connect. IQ for other apps, and widgets and more custom watch faces. For me the Smart Watch features, or basically exactly what I wanted enough, so that it was helpful but not too much.

It was distracting, so that’s for the most part, what you can expect from the vivoactive HR, but If I’ve asked, what would be the changes that might make me feel much addicted to this smart piece, my answer will be based on the following six main features:

Number one: I wish we had open water swimming with it that would be nice.

Number two: HRM swim and HRM try support heartrate while you’re swimming would be cool.

Number three: internal storage for Music, if it actually had the music stored on the device, so you didn’t need to bring your phone to control your music number four, I wish you could edit the support profiles in the data screens, for those four profiles within Garmin connect, as opposed to only on the watch.

Number five: it’d be great to get a tougher more resistant display on it.

number six: training features: I wish It had some of the training features, that you see on the forerunners, and the higher end GPS watches, that would be like vo2 max, and certain like training components that you just don’t have on the vivoactive, but not with standing that stuff. I was largely very happy with the Garmin vivoactive HR, and I think it’s going to be for sure, the right device for a lot of people its small light weight compact and a well-built device, that has way more features than you’d expect. And it’s all executed pretty darn well. So that is the vivoactive HR.   

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AmazeFit SmartWatch Under $100 That Fits Everyone

amazefit smartwatch

AmazeFit SmartWatch from Xiaomi the watch, or rather the tracker watch that looks modern and stylish. The body is perfectly round, and Only the strap holders protrude on the top at the bottom of it.


These are the standard 22 millimeters strap fittings, and you can use any strap you want, either original ms fit straps, third-party straps, or any other watch strap that is 22 millimeters wide around the screen. Get it here with free international shipping

There is a metal round frame on the amazefit smartwatch that is beautifully polished and looks quite fancy. The front is filled with a scream, and it is round but has a small cut off piece at the bottom for antennas apparently, and there are a few antennas in this watch.

The screen size is 1.30 4 inches in diameter, and the resolution is 320 by 320. The screen is quite large, and it has a backlight. The technology used for it is transflective; means, that you can still use backlight at night or dark indoors, but on a bright day or even under the direct sunlight the backlight goes off.

Rather than trying to fight the Sun, and the transflective screen is perfectly visible under proper viewing angles as if the data was printed on the screen. This looks better under direct sunlight than any other SmartWatch. Get it HERE…


The transflective screen is a great idea. It might seem dull right out of the box, but then you will appreciate it. It is well visible at night, and perfectly visible at daytime. thumbs up” it is a full-color screen as well, which is better than the black, and white pebble for example, and faster to look better than the color eating as well.

The screen is very usable and is also always-on it is well visible without back-light, so it doesn’t drain the battery in any significant way. It is covered with a protective glass, and that from what I can tell, it is not easily scratched.

The battery life of this watch is then directly dependent on the screen technology used, this watch lasts much longer than any other Smart-Watch on a single charge. The proprietary operating system used, seems to aid this as well. Get it here with free international shipping

This small 280 milliamp-hour battery, will red notifications, and GPS turned off lasts for up to 12 days, this is great result with active notifications it lives up to 5 days, under maximum load with turned on GPS and Wi-Fi constant, heartbeat measurements, and Bluetooth music, it will last up to 35 hours this means charging a watch once a week, or even more rare than that this is much more comfortable than daily charging.

The amazefit smartwatch is built on a similar to other architecture:

  • The dual-core 1.2 ghz CPU.
  • And 512 Mgb. of RAM.
  • And 4 Gibts of flash memory.

But it is not the entire where it is proprietary, this doesn’t cripple the main Smart-Watch functions, and with firmware updates that new features will be added or even app support. Eventually, this is more a fitness tracker, than a smartwatch. so the fitness functionality of the device is emphasized. Get it here with free international shipping

It has a rather precise laser heartbeat sensor, its own GPS receiver to record tracks, and movement when you run, or ride a bike, for example, a full-fledge comm pass is also available. The watch has iP67 water-resistant, so you can shower with it, or workout under heavy rain, but I would rather not swim a long dive with it.

Also here are the oldies, but Goldie domitor, gyro accelerometer, etc.. wireless a Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy, Wi-Fi, and on-board GPS GLONASS receiver, Bluetooth is obviously required to connect to your phone, but can also be used to directly connect the amazefit smartwatch to a stereo Bluetooth headset to listen to music.

This can be done without the phone, and the music is then stored on the 4 gigs of the internal memory of the watch. This is enough for even the longest runs and bike routes. The built-in Wi-Fi can update the firmware, and upload the stats to the mi account without the need for the smartphone connection, as well as place some internet radio, which is cool. And you can also record your run track or bike ride without using the phone.

The built-in GPS is then used to record speed route elevation and all other GPS dependent stats. You can leave the phone at home and basically have everything you need in the watch. The screen brightness can be adjusted in three steps or less, and automatic the brightness is far from high but is really plenty enough; since you really need it only in the complete darkness, when there is any other light source, you won’t need the backlight at all. Get it here with free international shipping

The watch can display whether this is another great feature. it has it is much more intuitive to look at your weather on a watch, rather than a smartphone, somehow more natural I have no idea why.?


Notifications from amazefit smartwatch:

This is one of the most important things on a Smart-Watch. In the supplied app you can choose the apps that will push the notifications to your watch, and the list is really unlimited, any installed app can do it.

The Android API is used, so no additional support on the watch site is required. anything in the notification tray can be displayed on the amazefit smartwatch properly with app icon, and everything used mail notifications both Gmail and ordinary SMS calls, with the ability to answer them or mute Facebook, and the messenger, Viber, WhatsApp, really anything even the long messages arrive intact, and are scroll-able within if you open the message or the notification on the phone.

Though it will disappear from the watch, the notifications immediately appear on the screen plus the watch vibrates, which is handy, and the calls notify with the long continuous vibration. The watch face can be changed either from the left, or right on the watch itself, there is a night mode where you can turn all of the notifications, and vibrations off, but sleeping stats and other sensors will still function. Get this Watch HERE…

Design, and style of the Xiaomi amazefit:

The amazefit smartwatch is rather big but looks adequate even on a smaller hand. It doesn’t look like a technic gadget, but rather looks like a slightly sporty fashion accessory, which it really does hitting the spot exactly. The watch weight 53 grams which is much more than seven grams of the knee bent too, but really not more than any ordinary watch.

The bands are made from an extremely pleasant silicone, and looks nice there are a few colors already announced, and surely there will be a whole bunch of other bands introduced both, original and third-party, also the mentioned 22 millimeter standards strap fitting, will fit any 22 millimeter strap exactly like the Huawei watch 2 classic edition.

The watch design is universal enough to totally change the style, and feel of the watch by changing just the strap. Original straps also have a convenient quick release, and change system, so changing a vent is very easy from what I can tell, assuming you will be able to see this watch on many wrists, it doesn’t have any obvious flaws, and the proprietary platform doesn’t harm it too much, and it does all the useful Smart-Watch stuff.

Again thanks for been here, this almost 85% of the features, but I think I’ve covered all the most important stuff. I hope that was helpful for you. and if it is, please feel free to share this article with your friends on your favorite social media platform. Get it here with free international shipping OR SHOP NOW AT AMAZON.COM 

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Review Why It’s Almost the Best Smartwatch


Samsung’s Gear smartwatches’ evolution, has been an interesting thing to observe and perceive from the first watch (Samsung Gear) until now with the Gear S3 Frontier. But this last one it stand out from the crowd, because, it takes all the things we liked about the other Gears and refined them to build a wrist watch that gives an obvious answer to the most of our questions.

This Gear is a direct message to people who like traditional timepieces, but

Samsung Gear S3 US Version with Warranty

they want to benefit from the world of technology.

If you want to use Gear S3 Frontier as a daily driver with other manufacturer’s phones, the setup process won’t be painful but there are several apps necessary to install before you can use the watch.

This is a lot more involved, than setting up an Android wear, or Pebble watch for instance as you’ll be tight in the Samsung services like s-health.


The construction on the frontier is fantastic excellent build quality. This is maybe the best wearable hardware I’ve ever handled. comparing it to Huawei watch Android wear, the frontier feels a lot less like a gadget. it doesn’t broadcast its geekery nearly as much as past Samsung efforts, and this is the best AMOLED screen I’ve personally used on a watch.

It doesn’t handle direct Sun, as well as ePaper,or digital ink solutions, but it’s well readable in bright conditions it almost passes the SoCal driving test. we’re at an angle reflections can still be troublesome, though, the battery saving option of disabling the screen, means you’ll have to move your hand off the steering wheel, to see content.

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Fitbit Ionic review


Operation System: Android 4.4 higher, iPhone 5 with iOS 9.0 and above.

CPU Speed: 1GHz.

Bluetooth: v4.2

RAM: 1.5GB

Screen: 1.3” super AMOLED full color display.

Samsung Galaxy Watch AMAZON

Two buttons on the side are used as a back and a home button, the latter also doubles as the app drawer shortcut went on the main watch phase. The dial around the screen turns to navigate through pinned apps to the right, and notifications to the left, and then the touchscreen can be used to swipe, or pull down a status shade.

The Gear S3 Frontier is refined, but it still very much continues the notion that a Smart-Watch should perform like a mini phone on your wrist. I’d prefer Samsung move to a three buttons layout giving us a selection button.


There’s a tactile disconnect between using this great clicky wheel, and then smudging up the screen to make a selection, or hitting these small three menus wedged to the side of a circle. the ability to navigate fully through hardware would be appreciated maybe, even disabling the touchscreen at some specific times.

Gear S3 Frontier

Navigation isn’t difficult but it takes a while to program the muscle memory for where every feature setting an option, like a checking heart rate for example. From the main watch face you hit the bottom button, and click wheel to s-health, where you touch the screen to activate then click wheel five menus over to the heart-rate section, and then it’ll take a reading this is a phone grade software, and the gear routinely rides that line between functionality and time.

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it’s impressive that we can do this much from a watch, but many of these interactions would be faster from your phone. further complicating matters Samsung doesn’t really fully support other phones.


notifications are delivered and calls are alerted but any action or reply you take, will be sent back to your phone. One batch that also seemed to hold true for the Bluetooth alert, one of my biggest frustrations with Android wear, is it doesn’t notify when it lost the Bluetooth connection.

The gear S3 Frontier will, but it could sometimes take over a minute of time. For example, if you accidentally leave your phone somewhere, the watch will notify you when you’re out of range.

Lastly, Samsung advertises an always-on display and up to three days of battery life, you just can’t have both at the same time. individually each statement is true but if you want that run time, you need to disable the screen.

Gear S3 Frontier

The frustrating aspect of having to perform a gesture to see the time, somewhat defeats the convenience of wearing a watch. That said with the screen auto-dimming we easily reached three full days with moderate use notifications, and a couple workouts.

Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch ON AMAZON

So, let’s wrap this up where does that leave As with the Samsung gear S3 frontier, I love this hardware but the recommendation on this watch requires two critical issues to be discussed.

The first: This is a tough recommendation, if you don’t own a Samsung phone, the experience is hamstrung when tackling notifications, and calls. you’ll end up paying for features you won’t be able to use.

for how good speech-to-text is on a cheap pebble or Android wear, it’s a shame that Samsung couldn’t really translate the gear experience over to other devices.

It’s a walled garden approach, I don’t appreciate don’t punish me for not owning a Samsung phone, instead, impress me with how good this accessory is, and maybe I’ll consider a Samsung phone in the future.

The second issue, was a little more philosophical if your idea of what a Smart-Watch should be is migrating as much smartphone functionality as you can to a small screen, then the Gear S3 Frontier is hands down the best Smart-Watch on the market.

However, if your idea of a Smart-Watch is targeting at a glance information in the most streamlined way possible, that a watch should complement a phone and not replace it.

Then the gear can feel downright cumbersome as this review is tempered by my personal quest to replace my pebble, I’ll have to keep searching which is a shame, because, I absolutely love this hardware.

<<<<check out the Samsung Gear Series3 Frontier on Amazon>>>

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apple-watch S3 – FULL detailed Review
amazeFit SmartWatch is wearable of $148.99 that fits everyone

Apple Watch S3 FULL Detailed Review


The apple-watch S3, is the Apple’s first smartwatch that can be used entirely without your iPhone. It comes with a built-in LTE cellular connectivity, which allow to use it anywhere you wish.


apple-watch S3

covering everything you need to know from the design display for form ants only feature is battery life stellar connectivity and, so much more..

Galaxy Buds, Bluetooth True Wireless Earbuds

Even though, it’s called the apple-watch S3, it’s not Apples third generation smartwatch but it’s actually apples fourth generation watch.

So, the first one was just called Apple watch, and was announced in 2014, and then released in 2015, then in 2016 Apple released two models the series one, and the series two, and in 2017 we have the series 3.

The series 3 comes in two models, there’s a GPS only model, and a GPS plus cellular model, which is the one that we’re going to review in this ARTICLE.



Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular (Refurbished) ”cheap Price ON AMAZON”

apple-watch S3

In my opinion, every new product from every company should come with three major changes from the previous model, that’s like the marketing tactics of some companies, but not all of them.


1- The design changes: Obviously everyone wants fresh design with each new generation.

2- Performance: Enhancing the technical specs and performance is something that the users care about, because, they already know the first version and maybe the have some issues with it, like it slow down or the battery drains quickly. So, promising different specs always help the company to convince their costumers to buy the new one.

3- New Features: Obviously, the new model will attract people more if it has new features. Because, you’ll pay extra money so would want to have different experience with your new watch.



So, starting out for number one we have five main design changes with the Apple watch series 3, even though the series 3 looks almost identical to the series 2, and series 1, and the original Apple from back, in 2015 there are actually 5 minor design changes in this model.

Buy Now Price” Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular

1- RED CROWN: The first one would be the red crown, now we only get this with GPS plus cellular models of the SERIES 3, not the GPS only models.

And the whole purpose of this, is to distinguish the models from the other ones and there’s no functionality reason behind this red crown. now some people like it some don’t, I personally don’t.

I think it limits the use of certain watch bands, like the green ones or even the blue ones if you mainly use black or white bands, then this would actually look pretty nice but otherwise it would obviously depends on the band.

2- DESIGN BUILD MATERIAL:You can only get the stainless steel model or the Apple watch edition with the cellular models, which are a bit more expensive than last year. So, if you just want to get the GPS only model that one only comes in aluminum.

3- DESIGN THICKNESS: Even though the case of the watch has remained the same sensor bar on the bottom, is actually thicker now. So, Apple says that it’s about 2 sheets of paper thicker, but honestly they were using some pretty thick sheets of paper to measure this”!.

Anyway, you won’t notice this on your wrist, but from a design perspective, the Apple watch should be getting thinner, not thicker especially since it’s already a fairly thick wearable.


4- THE BASE:This new watch base called the Explorer watch face, and this is by the way exclusive to the LTE Apple watch series 3. So, you don’t have this on other Apple watch models, and when it comes to the font of course you can customize this further to your liking, and you can change the colors and add complications and so on…

5- EXTRA COMPATIBLE BANDS: Even though, this one applies to pretty much all Apple watch models, we do get a few new bands. So, we get a new band called sport loop, which I actually really love.  And you get this when you buy a new series 3 Apple watch.

You have the option together with another band, which made from the same nylon as the woven nylon band. it’s actually one of the most comfortable Apple watch bands that I’ve ever used. it’s right on pair with the letter ones, and it’s also in credit light and it’s also water-resistant.

Then you’ll also get some brand-new colors for the existent watchbands, but the sport loop itself is definitely a welcome change.


So what about the performance apple-watch S3?

That what we’ll talk about in the NEXT PAGE… CLICK ON THE BUTTON BELOW!


Fitbit Ionic Review Fitbit’s First Smartwatch Misses The Mark


in this Fitbit Ionic review, we’ll try to answer so many questions that a lot of people who have the intent to buy this smart piece, would love know.

A lot of people had some hot takes when the Ionic debuted, present company included. Aesthetically, it’s probably still the most polarizing wearable out there. But whether it’s the blue and orange paint job, the matching textures across buttons and band, or this incredibly bright high-res display, I warmed up to it very quickly, once I finally stuck it on my wrist. As you can see, the custom watch face selection is already quite healthy too.

Beyond the looks, it’s built well. Its step counts were accurate according to the Motiv ring I wore alongside it. The bands can be swapped more easily than any smartwatch I’ve tested and the latch and pin keep it on your wrist no matter what, and it’s water-resistant to 50 meters.

Fitbit Ionic review

Fitbit Ionic review of it’s trackers:

Fitbit has been making fitness trackers for almost a decade, and it shows with the Ionic. Even the magnetic charger does its job without a fuss, my favorite thing is how little you need to use that charger In a world where most Android and Apple watches make you top up every night. At least, the Ionic can go four days between charges. That means you can forget your charger on a weekend trip and still be fine.

I may look so focused on small details here, so please bear with me! I’m just trying to make this Fitbit Ionic review more valuable for so many people.

Also, if you don’t mind wearing a watch to bed, you can leave it on your wrist overnight and track quality of your sleep. As someone who wore a Pebble for the same reasons, it’s nice to have these features back in a more modern package. Oh, and when your battery does start running low, you have the option of getting an email to remind you to charge, which I think is cool. Unfortunately, Fitbit hasn’t been as successful importing Pebble’s software.

<<Fitbit Ionic review: Fitbit’s first smartwatch>>

Fitbit Ionic review

There’s no real personality or fun in the impassive Fitbit OS, which I could forgive if it worked well. But everything about the Ionic feels just glacial. Notifications, scrolling, the screen waking up when you raise your wrist, even simple actions like opening apps keep you waiting. Also, whereas a more mature smartwatch is you can reply to messages right from the device, on this, you can only read them, and depending on the app, even that’s not guaranteed. That’s if the notifications arrive on your wrist at all.

Fitbit Ionic review compatibility apps

Google’s flagship smartphone running stock Android that’s been on the market since October is not officially compatible with the Ionic. Here’s the thing, though as a fitness tracker, the Ionic is really impressive. The Fitbit app is the friendliest, most powerful health hub I’ve ever seen. It makes it very easy to understand how much exercise and sleep you’re getting it talks to other apps like Lose It!,

And there’s both an excellent community of users, and great customer support backing it up. The Ionic itself has a slough of pre-programmed exercises along with built-in GPS, offline Pandora support if you pay for Pandora. mobile payments… So, if what you want is an upgrade to a previous Fitbit like Blaze yeah, you’ll probably love this thing.And that brings us back to why I’m the wrong customer for this, The whole reason I wanted to review it was because Fitbit positions the Ionic as not a fitness band, but as a smartwatch, and I’m sorry, but it’s just not a very good one.

For the $299 this thing costs, I’d be much happier buying a Samsung Gear Sport or Apple Watch Series 1, either of which would save me $50 in exchange for sacrificing some features.

<<Fitbit Ionic review: Fitbit’s first smartwatch>>

Fitbit Ionic review

Now, I’m very eager to see Fitbit’s next generation smartwatch, that will presumably bring the full force of the Pebble acquisition to bare. Until then, I can only recommend the Ionic to those who want less of a smartwatch than a new wrist coach for their workout. And to look as good as you feel after one of those workouts,

<<Fitbit Ionic review: Fitbit’s first smartwatch>>

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Huawei watch 2 classic edition

Huawei Watch 2 Hands-on Is This The Best new Android Wear watch

Huawei watch 2 classic edition

The are reasons why Huawei watch2 classic edition is still one of the best smartwatches in the design side as well as in the specs. and in this article we’ll go deep into the things that specify this watch from other android wears in the market, so keep reading…

The first is Huawei watch2, is quite slimmer enough to fit under the sleeve without any problem. It’s not like some other thick smartwatches that stick out from the sleeve, and it has a nice slimmer tight profile.

Huawei watch 2 classic edition is not the slimmest in the world, but it’s definitely one of the top five. So, the classic edition will cost you about 300 bucks or something like that, depending on when you read this article. and there is a Sport Edition, which has a completely different design, which may cost you about $180.

Now, let’s go over. the specs quickly, and then we can get into the rest of the review.

Technical Specs. of Huawei watch 2 classic edition:

The Huawei watch 2 features the Snapdragon 2100 processor, 4GB of internal storage, 768GBs of RAM and 420mAp battery. I think that it’s a good idea to mention that this watch has also a heart rate monitor on the back, NFC payments, built-in Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS.

Huawei watch 2 classic edition comes in with either a brown, or black band edition. and that’s only for the watchband, but the actual titanium watch design will be the same. It just will be ship with a different style band. 

Huawei watch 2 classic edition

It comes with a hybrid style band, which has silicon material on the back, but on the front, you do have genuine leather.

I think that’s a really nice design, this way all those sweat marks and those nasty stains that come from wearing a lot of band after a while will not appear on this.

It is pretty comfortable, really nice to wear it also has quick-release pins, so you can swap it out for any 22-millimeter style band that you like.

The actual buckle shows the brand name of Huawei, so that’s really nice. Definitely, those little things make you think premium when you’re looking at a SmartWatch such as this one. 

And looking at the overall design of the watch, I do think that it’s very reminiscent of the LG watch R, which also debuted with these markings on the outside. at first, I thought it was a little cheesy, but it really doesn’t bother me. you just have to decide which watch face you’d like to use, because some watch faces have that markings built-in, and surely you don’t want to use that kind of stupid look.


Huawei watch 2 classic editionBut on the left side you have this Huawei branding, which I also think is kind of dumb, it’s very cheesy looking and this is plastic whereas the rest of the watch is metal, so I don’t know why they decided to do that.

It would have been nicer maybe if they just etched Huawei on the side if they really have to put their branding on it. But this also could be for the sensors, I really don’t know’’.

Looking on the right side of the watch, you do have two programmable buttons. But overall, I think the watch is pretty stylish. The screen is a 1.2 inch. AMOLED panel, so it is a little on the smaller side, which is what turned me off from the watch in the beginning.

But I actually got used to it, and I don’t think you need something much bigger, because battery life is dependent upon the size of the screen.

So, the battery life on this has been really good. And for the Android wear statistics, So far the best SmartWatch that I’ve encountered is the Gear s3 running Tizen software that was definitely great, but this one definitely comes really close to that. Check the latest price here…>> OR CLICK ON THE GREEN BUTTON BELOW TO SEE THE REST OF THE REVIEW!


Movado’s Android Wear Watch Looks Exactly How You’d Expect A Movado SmartWatch To Look


android wear Movado bold motion not just a classic timepiece, but a timepiece with smarts. Because, it uses its own independent battery.

Your watch’s analog movement works out of the box without charging. To access the Smart-watch functions activate your watch then charge it for four hours. After charging your new watch, bring it to life by pressing and holding the side button.

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Once you’ve downloaded the Movado app on your phone and connected via Bluetooth, you can begin to personalize your watch to fit your needs. Set a goal for your daily activity, and keep track of your progress for that day, Current week and past month, social messaging email or more… you select the type of notifications you’d like to receive on your watch and choose the vibration style for each notification.

You can even choose to limit your calls and text notifications to just your favorite contacts. Each light on the dial corresponds to one of your favorite contacts. So, you can instantly identify who’s getting in touch based on these preferences. You’ll receive subtle sensory, and visual feedback whenever you receive a message notification that is low priority.

And when you get one that is high priority, the notification will be followed by a vibration on your wrist, and the glow of the android wear Movado.

Your watch notifies you when someone is calling:

Phone calls can be dismissed by pressing the side button. Your watch reminds you of upcoming events on your calendar the notification, first shows the time to the event, and then the time of the event. And notify it when you’ve reached your daily activity goal. The time gently glows with one press of the button one light indicates the  hour, Second light indicates the minutes you Stay.

1) You can check your activity progress by pressing the side button twice.

3) See your battery status by pressing the side button three times.

4) Press the button once more to check your Bluetooth connection.

5) When your battery level gets too low, your watch will let you know. And when it’s time to get on a plane, just press and hold the side Button for three seconds to enter airplane mode.

With elegantly simple design, married to innovative technology, the android wear Movado bold motion is designed to keep you connected to the many facets of your modern world.

It’s a beautiful luxury Swiss watch smart, and high quality handmade watch manufactured using fine materials, crafted with typical Swiss luxury watch finishing, and offering connected functionality.

How to use your feather heat constant horological Smart Watch:

Download the MMT365 app, activate Bluetooth on your phone, pair your watch by following the Instructions, and setup your profile and goals what features does? The fluidity constant horological Smart-Watch have dynamic coaching with this Movado timepiece.

Get suggestions and tips adapted to your goals. Keep track of daily steps and calories burned with activity tracking. Wear your watch at night to record your sleep with sleep monitoring and enjoy additional functions.

Always be on time when you travel. Synchronize your watch with the app, and the new time will be displayed automatically world timer. Check the current time in all 24 time zones of world cities.

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More than two years of battery life:

This timepiece features quartz movement with more than two years of battery life. This watch is not a device, you do not need to charge it every day. Smart sleep alarms wake up refreshed by setting the smart sleep alarm that will help you wake up at the optimal time in your sleep cycle.

Get active alerts: set an alert to remind you to get activate, and customize it using the MMT365 app. MMt365 cloud backup, and restore, recover all of your data even if you lose your watch or phone too.

How to connect your watch in 3 simple Step:

1) You need one single Push to connect and synchronize the watch with the app push.

2) push twice to show progress towards your goals.

3) push 3 second and hold to change modes, if the blue hand shows the date, you are in activity tracking mode.

4) If it shows the moon you are in sleep monitoring.

The horological Smart-Watch is the perfect link between high-tech Innovation, and traditional Swiss watch craftsmanship.