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Do You Want To Buy SmartWatch At Lowest Price ?


if you want to buy smart watch at lowest price, then this article is for you. keep reading to find the one that fits you best.

it’s so natural that the big brands like: Samsung, apple, LG, fitbit, Garmin and so on.. are the most trusted companies for some people, but that doesn’t mean, there are no other trustworthy manufactures out there.

in this article I’ll show you five unknown smartwatches, that have amazing functionalities, and options. additionally they are affordable, and budget friendly. so, if you want to buy smart watch at lowest price, that’s definitely a good guide for you to follow.

considering that the smartwatches become more functional, and important in our daily basis nowadays. we should say that buying a pricey smartwatch could be a stupid idea (in some cases) please underline this phrase.

Of course if you have enough money to buy a pricey one, it’s OK to do it. why not? but if you need to save from your daily budget, day after day just to buy pricey watch. that’s definitely a nonsense step. you know what..? when you buy a highly priced device from one of the big brands, it doesn’t mean in any way that this piece, has made from premium material, and it deserves that price.

Tech. devices become highly priced just because the manufactures spend a lot of money to advertise them well. so you actually pay the advertising fees for them, and not the value of the item you purchase.

in most cases, big brands like Apple, Samsung, and others launch their new products with super expensive prices, because they want to keep the marketplace under their control, they want to suck the bloods of their costumers. Of course there is some contrast between their prices, but the idea is that there is a limit on how much should be the lowest price possible. you can see them as they’re competitors, but the fact they aren’t.

the truth, is they never take a random step, and they will never bit their competitor to satisfy the consumer, keep that in mind.

Sometime small companies don’t participate in this game, and they prefer to be in the costumer side, because they know that it’s not a winnable game for them. suppose that Apple, or Samsung has launched a product with the price of $200, and an other unknown company launched a similar product, and High quality as the Apple’s one with the $200 As a price. which one would you buy? of course you’ll buy from Apple, or Samsung is that right?

that’s the reason why small companies, prefer to be apart from that game, and take the user satisfaction, as their first goal. sometime these small companies provide good, and quality products with super amazing prices, in a way that some users don’t expect the quality for such lowest prices. surely there are some junk around, but believe me, there are some cheap smart watches, that worth hundred of buckses, and people just don’t try to test them, because they chose to stay slave to these big brands.

if you still reading at this point, than most probably you will be interested in our list of  unknown brands, who will allow you to buy smart watch at lowest price.




With Android 5.1 Smart Watch Two Modes RAM 512MB ROM 8GB Bluetooth Smartwatch Support Heart Rate Monitor GPS Wifi SIM Card for Android and iOS


Scinex SW20:

With 16GB Bluetooth Smart Watch GSM Phone for iPhone & Android



Bluetooth Smart Watch Cell Phone, Round Touch Screen Fitness Watches Support SIM Card TF Card with Heart Rate Monitor for Men and Women, Compatible with iOS iphone and Android Phone


Amazfit Bip Smartwatch by Xuami:

with All-day Heart Rate and Activity Tracking, Sleep Monitoring, GPS, Ultra-Long Battery Life, Bluetooth,

Amazfit A1612B PACE: GPS Running Smartwatch, Black Band – 5 Days Battery Life

See More About this Watch Here


Ticwatch E:

So the Ticwatch E“, there’s technically two models, the S Sport, and the E version. Which is the cheaper of the two.

you can wear it with every single outfit. Unlike some of the brighter versions that they have for the S model it’s just versatile, and that’s what makes it so good. FULL REVIEW


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