Weird news do really the space agency hide something??


NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover has temporarily halted science operations due to a “mystery glitch”, and conspiracy theorists are convinced the space agency is hiding something.

A weird news story have been running on almost all social media platforms, which is currently crushed it as one of the top trending stories on internet. So many people know about the Curiosity rover that has been in Mars for years, sending data and pictures back to earth.

the rover has basically gone black, due to what they’re calling a mysterious glitch in the rover’s main computer. the Rover has halted all scientific operations, and that basically this glitch is blocking the rover from sending back any of its findings to earth. and so according to this September 20th report; the curiosity mission has ground to a halt after a glitch forced the 2.5 billion dollar Rover to terminate all of its scientific experiments with mission team members.



stating that the computer aboard the rover can no longer beam back data that is stored in the curiosity’s memory banks, and it can’t be sent back to earth effectively rendering it useless until the issue is resolved. researchers said that they are unsure what triggered the computer glitch, and that it could be quote some time before engineers managed to diagnose and fix the problem, and that they are also preparing to fire up the backup computer inside curiosity in case they need the separate system to diagnose the mysterious issue.


plaguing the main computer it should also be noted that this glitch, follows one of the biggest Martian dust storms on record which at its peak covered around 14 million square miles of the planet, and actually also knocked out NASA’s solar-powered opportunity Rover for around three months due to the cloud totally blocking the Sun so therefore it couldn’t get any power but what happened here, this is actually they’re calling it a mystery glitch inside the computer itself, and has actually nothing to do with the Sun.


Weird news



seeing as curiosity runs on a nuclear-powered battery, so it does not rely on the Sun. now researchers also said: that barring the glitch the rover is otherwise healthy, and responsive and can still stream real-time data about its status back to Mission Control, but apparently any information as to what’s happening on the planet or information that the rover is a gathering have been mysteriously blocked from being sent back to earth.


Literally blocked from getting beams back, so obviously this is an ongoing story some people again are saying this could be a simple ploy and that they maybe do not want whatever information the rover has picked up on or analyzed getting beamed back to earth, or maybe they are getting it and the glitch is just another story.


I certainly wouldn’t put it past NASA, because they’ve done this before they are notorious for cutting feeds going black shutting cameras down and covering things up. they’ve done it for years and NASA has a track record of using camera feed, blackouts and mystery glitches at what I can only describe, as some very suspicious moments and times that these things happen. so with that, I’ll definitely follow the story and we’ll see what’s going on.


Weird news



  • And the question is: are they hiding something on Mars?

I mean I’ve certainly been of the opinion that Mars is chock-full of strange things, artificial structures both above-ground, and especially under. so they could have very well found something and are sort of halting all information from getting back to earth, while they disseminate that and figure out what to do. may be possible that this massive dust storm, have uncovered something that was lying dormant underneath the sand for who knows how many thousands or millions of years, and that is now in view of the rover cameras.


Weird news


I mean that very well could be after these massive dust storms, and sand are shifted around and so could that be the reason for this mystery glitch did uncover something that they don’t want us to see here that they didn’t know was there. anyway, we don’t have any proven way  these Weird news






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