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”5 Watch Rules You Should Follow, To Correctly Wear Your Wrist Watch.”

Wither it is a smartwatch or a classic watch, there’s a couple rules you need to follow, if you really want to properly execute your watch. the watch is an outfit enhancement, but knowing how to wear it correctly is must in order for it to really make your outfit look better.

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Rule number 1:

The first rule that all watch users should follow, it’s the size of your watch. This kind of tags along with fit just like clothing, you want your watch to fit you right. Something that actually suit your body shape.

A couple of years ago there was some horrible trend of over sized watches, which by the way I’m glad it’s dead, because, not only those watches just grabbed too much attention if you had small wrists and make your wrist look even smaller, but because, it was so overpowered and make your arms look like twigs. And of course that’s not what you want from your watch to be doing.

For the average male, your watches should be anywhere from 35 to 42 millimeters. This is the range you want to be in anything smaller, that’s will be more women territory, so the watch will be too small for your wrist.


Rule number 2:
The watch should be worn on the correct hand. You might be asking which of my hands is the correct one? The answer is it depends on what are you, if you’re a right handed and you do all the tasks like, writing and that kind of stuff that may need you put your hand on the table, then your watch should be on your left hand.

if you’re left-handed and you do all your writing with the left hand, traditionally you should wear your watch on the right hand. So, your watch won’t become obtrusive during your simple daily tasks.

Rule number 3:
You have to wear the right watch for the right occasion, make the watches like shoes there isn’t a one style fits all scenarios. Like, you wouldn’t wear sneakers to a funeral, or leather patent slippers on your first date.

You need to deal with your watches the same way you do with your shoes. Always make sure to wear the right watch, for the right occasion. There isn’t a one style fits all scenarios. You wouldn’t wear sneakers to a funeral, or leather patent slippers to your job interview.

In the same way you shouldn’t wear a cheap watch with an expansive custom suit, or an expensive luxury looking watch with basketball shorts.
A watch should enhance your outfit, it’s an accessory that shouldn’t create a distraction or take away from your outfit.

My recommendation, is to invest in having a watch collection that contains different styles and colors like, sport style watches and classic watches and it’s important to have them in various colors as well. And if feel that this need a large budget, don’t worry! it’s not as it looks, or at least it will no longer be. As we have some highly recommended brands that will get you all the job done, and take care of your wallet.

The first one that I recommend you to check is this Brand. They have all the styles that you’ll need, to built a beautiful and stylish collection of watches. From the classic with stainless-steel bands or leather bands, to sport styles with different bands and colors to fit your needs.

They also provide different types of watches. Analog Watch, Automatic Watch, Chronograph Watch, Diving Watch, Dress Watch, Quartz Watch, Mechanical Watch, Pilot Watch, Field Watch, Smart Watch, Luxury Watch with very competitive prices.

The reason I like recommending them so much, because, they’re at the right price point and almost the sweet spot where you can pick up one, two or even three watches to start building a collection that’ll suit almost every occasion.

Moreover, this Brand quality and craftsmanship it’s almost unparalleled at this price point. You’re going to get a watch that looks so nice, so luxurious that it’s going to look like you’ve spent $600 plus on your wrist, when you and I both know, you only spend around 100 bucks or less.

And since we always care about our loyal visitors, We’ve contacted them directly for some discounts, and they give us a special discount link to share it with here… Link

And if you have enough budget and would like to go further, I would recommend you to check with this brands as well. They also have their chronograph model for men and women. Just look at the craftsmanship and the detail of this watch for around $100, and you’ll understand why I’am saying this.

It’ll look awesome and fit to your hand wearing a casual t-shirt, or a custom-made suit and it looks just as amazing. So, if you apply that, it’s even more affordable.

And you remember what I said about having the right watch for the right occasion, well this is really where this brand shine. It’s such a great watch, because, the way a lot of incentive watches are designed. especially, if you go with their minimal model.

It’s very simple in design, which does allow you to wear one watch in multiple scenarios. that way you don’t have to have 5-10 or even 20 watch collection to serve multiple purposes, and that’s exactly what you want from a watch. So, it’s a great deal to buy something that does suit you in different scenarios.

So, if you want a really nice watch to start your watch collection, something that’s going to allow you to wear it in multiple occasions, You can check it out with this discount link, so you can pick up one or two and start an amazing collection.

Sometimes, you just need to change your band, so make sure to take a look at these market leading brands at interchangeable bands department.

Rule number 4:

The watch needs to fit right. if you want the watch to sit before your wrist bone, the launch needs to be fitted for your wrist.

Don’t wear a watch that’s loose and looks like it’s about to fall out, because, it’s going to make you look like a noob that just bought a watch and didn’t know how to get it properly fitted.

This is why I love leather band watches, especially, if you’re a beginner. Because, it allows you to instantly adjust the watch to your wrist, so it could fit properly. Whilst in metal bracelet or bands, you’ll need to visit some sort of jewelry shop where you can properly resize it to fit your rig.

When it comes to sizing, you shouldn’t make it so tight that it’s cutting your circulation just to keep it in place. And you should’t make it too loose in a way that it’s moving around all the time. The comfort level, is to be able to fit at least one finger in between the watch band and your wrist, which gives you enough comfort throughout the day.

The rule number 5:

The 5th and last watch rule, it’s about where your watch should be placed. your watch should go before your wrist bone not on it, and not after it, so you get full range of motion on your wrist.

I have seen it worn under either the wrist bone or past the wrist bone, and this way it’s going to be painful. By the end of the day you’re going to be in pain, because, you’re reducing the natural mobility of your wrist.

Those are the top 5 watch rules you should follow that will help you know how to wear a watch correctly. If you’re planing to built a stunning collection, make sur to take at our recommended brands’ stores following the discount links that we’ve listed in the article.

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