How To Make The Best Homemade Pizza dough


How To Make The Best Homemade Pizza dough

Making pizza, only takes a few simple ingredients.

  • A little bit of warm water to activate the dried yeast.
  • A little bit of sugar: provides a source of nutrient for the yeast to feed upon.
  • Salt for flavor.
  • Flour for the base of the dough.
  • Extra virgin olive oil, that’s going to make your dough a little bit easier to work with, and it’s also it will add it a little hint of flavor.

How To Make A Pizza dough

So, let’s head to the steps to make pizza hose:

  • Bloom the yeast in a warm water.
  • Put your flour in a bowl, and add salt to it not to the yeast water. Because, salt slows down the production of the yeast.
  • Add olive oil for a little bit of flavor.
  • Throw in the water and sugar mixture.
  • Mix the whole elements, and make sure to hydrate as much flour as you can.
  • Once you’ve well mixed the flour with the water, toss your dough onto the board and start kneading at least for 10 minutes until it is no longer sticky and can be rolled into a ball. And make sure, that you’re getting like all parts of the dough incorporated at the end of it. we want like a really nice pretty top. TIP: A well kneaded dough, will springs back right away when you push your finger into it.

now what we want to do, is get like they’re really gorgeous top part of the dough. by pulling the sides of the dough from the outside in so that it makes a nice ball on the other side. Once you turn it over, push your pinkies in and rotate the dough and you’re like a really beautiful round ball.

all right, so ready to rise. and you’re going to put your dough into a big bowl a little bit of oil in there, so that the dough doesn’t stick and then cover the dough itself and oil as well.

it’s going to rise significantly and we don’t want to stick to the cling film. So, it’s easier to cover it with cling than covering it with a towel and then it gets stuck to it while it’s rising.

you can let this rise for an hour, if you don’t have a ton of time. even better would be to let this rise overnight. So, the one that’s been risen for 24 hours will be a more flavor and great texture, than the one that’s been risen for an hour. So, the longer you let this process go, the more flavor and the more complexity is going to be in your dough.

Now, it’s time to bring the dough back to life. So, we’re going to turn it out form the mixing-bowl, and knead it again for another minute or two nothing different about this process again. you just need to even out the bubbles that are inside the dough, and do that shaping thing again.

So, use your pinkies if you feel that you have to push to make into a cute ball. And by the way this process is must even if you’re using store-bought pizza dough. And when you’re done, leave it covered with a towel at room temperature for one more hour to rise while you’re doing all of your other Pizza prep. And that’s it how to do a Pizza dough.

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