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An In Depth Review at the New Home Hub From Google: Google Home Hub Review in depth thanks to

At the made by Google event in New York City, Google has announced the launch of some of it new products. The event has uncovered Google’s brand new smartphone, the pixel 3, and the Pixel 3 XL and of course our today’s article guest Google Home Hub.

Google home hub is the first voice-activated smart display that is made by Google. It features a 7-inch touchscreen display, which is pretty much 0.7 inch bigger than their last smartphone Pixel 3 XL.

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the front of the display has two far-field microphones, that allow you to activate the Google assistant and an ambient sensor that allows for the display to adapt to a room’s lighting conditions.The sensor is pretty much useful at night when you turn off the lights, it will automatically display a clock or if you change the color tone of your lights it will automatically adjust to match a picture frame.

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Google Home Hub Review


the Google Home Hub does not feature a camera, and you may see this as negative point, but Google has a different vision about that.

Google Knows, that no matter what the features or tasks a smart device can do, the user will ignore it, if doesn’t protect his privacy. so Google knows that no matter what the manufactures did to combat hackers and protect theie users privacy, there still geniuses who can bypass all of that and hack your privacy.

So messing a cam on Google Home Hub can be a plus in this side, so you can have this in any room in the house. on the back of the home hub, there is a mute switch which allows you to mute the Google assistant, as well as a volume rocker.

the back of the device, also features a full range speaker that is hidden behind Google signature cloth mesh, witch comes in four colors chalk, charcoal aqua, and sand. this device will work on your 2.4 and 5.0 gigahertz Wi-Fi networks, as well as it has Bluetooth 5.0 that will help you connect your phone via a Bluetooth speaker to the home hub.

Google Home Hub Review

it also has support for a multi-room audio, and just like the Lenovo smart display, the home hub offered the full Google assistant in a visual form. you can see the weather, go step by step through recipes, play the latest tech with Brett YouTube video or even ask it to show you photos from a recent trip, when the home hub is not in use.

it will display an ambient mode, that can show off a clock or curated photos. And one of the new additions to this feature, is you can create a live album from your google photos library. A live album will automatically add new photos of people in your library that you have selected. so there are always new photos, Google said that it will automatically select quality photos using machine learning by removing photos that are blurry, or not relevant, as well as looking at people’s expressions to find the best pictures possible.


The most interesting in the biggest improvement to the smart display software, is the addition of home view and the enhanced way to control your smart home. with the new home view, you can control your entire smart home by swiping down from the top of the screen. this will then display all the different types of devices you are able to control within your home, once you link your partner accounts to the Google home app, Google says: it will automatically group your different spaces or rooms together automatically.

This is a much-needed addition as right now”, And when you tap the lights button, it will then shows you the different rooms that are available that you can control. you can then turn off and on the lights in a specific room, or adjust the brightness, color as well as you can adjust each light individually.


If you would like to see if your package is at the front door, you can select the camera and then choose which camera you would like to see, and it will load up. another great new feature that will be available, is that when someone rings your doorbell, it will automatically display the camera feed on the home hub, without needing to do anything.


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the home view allows you to see all supported audio devices, so you can start playing music throughout your entire home with just a voice command or a few taps on the screen. Not only is Google bringing the home view to the home hub, but they are also bringing this right within the Google home application. So you don’t even need a home hub to access this information, this allows for the same granular control. right from your phone city you can quickly turn off the TV in the basement, or change the lights to set the mood without needing to use your voice.

Google says: this update is currently rolling out, and should be available on your Google home app very soon. with this new update you are now able to share the home control features with other members in your house, you will just give them access to your home control settings via a email invitation, and then they will have full access to control all the lights and cameras everything within your home in the demo areas.

Its stands close to the original Google home in sound quality. the Google home hub is currently available for pre-order at store, and will cost $149. And it will surely be available on October 22 hopefully at a store near you.

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Google Home Hub Review in depth thanks to

Google Home Hub Review


with the Google home hub you will also get six months free of YouTube’s premium that allows for, ad free YouTube videos on any of your devices, as well as YouTube music. and there is a new additional color for the Google home Mini the aqua color, which looks pretty cool. the chromecast did get a refresh and it now comes in black, and white with a new soft touch finish. the new chromecast will support 60 frames per second at 1080p and will cost $35 if you’re interested about that.

Finally, we can say that Google Home Hub, has filled some of the gaps that has been between the users and the previous home hubs.

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