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Galaxy A9 2018 the first four Cameras phone”

Galaxy A9 2018

Samsung Galaxy A9 2018 takes a standard feature of its smartphone to a whole new level of fun”

Galaxy A9 2018 version,” Samsung announced its brand new Galaxy A9 with four cameras, to be the world’s first quad camera smartphone. It looks like The Korean giant prepare us to its coming device ” the Galaxy X”, which will break too many rules of the Market.


The A9 with a dynamic quad camera design that lets you capture as you can’t do with other smartphones in the market. The four cameras on the back mean that Samsung wants to give more control of what you’re capturing. It’s like filming a movie or sports game, you need a camera for every angle.

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And with the Galaxy A9, you have four different cameras, each one of them has its unique specifications and capabilities and addressed to a specific mission. Let’s check them one by one…

Galaxy A9 2018

ULTRA WIDE-ANGLE CAMERA: with its 120 degrees it allows you to see as wide as the human eye, and gives you the ability to capture more objects in a single frame.


TELEPHOTO CAMERA: with an advanced 2 times optical zoom lens, F2.4 and 10 megapixels, it delivers sharp high-resolution images even when you zoom in closer.

MAIN CAMERA: While The Galaxy A9’s primary shooter boasts an incredible 24-megapixel image sensor that automatically adjusts to different lighting conditions making sure nothing gets lost in both broad daylight, and low-light.




DEPTH CAMERA: is the fourth camera that separates subject and background, to create more depth, you decide what to focus on and how much to blur out whatever you’re capturing. galaxy A9’s advanced intelligent camera gives you so much more to love with the power to identify locations recognize scenes to automatically optimize color, and take professional-looking self-portraits with studio lighting effects, achieving incredible shots has never been so effortless.


This extraordinary quad camera interface is paired with powerful performance housing a powerful and highly responsive mobile Octa-Core processor to give you uninterrupted high performance while you get things done throughout the day. lightning quick RAM with 6GB or 8GB RAM and storage expandable to more than half a terabyte, a longer-lasting battery 3,800 mAh (typical) battery, so you can enjoy long hours of enjoyment and power up quickly when it becomes drained. And thanks to its convenient USB Type-C compatibility, you can plug it in either way for added convenience with fast charging, and the intelligence of BIC speed high Bixby.

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