Easy Dessert Recipe With Few Ingredients

Today will show you how to make a delicious easy dessert recipe with few ingredients, very fast and surely easy to do. let’s go straight to the recipe … do not forget to SHARE this post on facebook, or tweeter and thank you.

So, for the preparation, you will need Clementine Mandarin juice or orange, depending on what you already have in your kitchen.

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1- Pour the 500ml of juice that you already made into a saucepan.

2- Add 2 tbsp of sugar, and three large spoons filled with custard powder or corn starch and beat the mixture.

3- Next: pour 500ml of milk into another saucepan, and add around two tablespoon sugar to it or so, depending on your taste.

4- Add 3 tbsp of cornstarch (IMPORTANT: must be filled).

5- And for the flavor, add one sachet of vanilla sugar.

6- Add 2 tablespoons of water, orange blossom and I also mix with the whip by hand to avoid lumps.

7- Then put the two saucepans on medium fire at the same time without ceasing to stir, 3-4 minutes and slowly handed it over a little bit till both mixtures get thicken.

8- Remove them from the fire, and directly pour the two mixtures alternatively, little by little into a bowl. starting from the milk and starch mixture, then pour the orange mixture over it, and gradientely minimize the amount till the end. Note: do this while both mixtures still hot.

9- Now, leave it at room temperature for a few minutes till it got cold, and then slide it into the fridge for at least 3 hours.

And that’s it… slowly reverse it on the plate, ‘’ Optional: you can use blueberries, raspberries, or sliced strawberries to decorate your plate.’’ and your easy dessert recipe with few ingredients should be ready to consume now. Yuumm… 😊


500ml juice Clementines or mandarines or oranges.

2 Spoon sugar (depending on taste).

2 Spoon of orange blossom water.

3 Spoon pastry cream powder.


500ml cold milk.

3 Spoon sugar.

3 Spoon cornstarch.

7g vanilla sugar.




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