Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Review: Why It’s Almost the Best Smartwatch

Samsung’s Gear S3 Frontier frontier Smart Watch evolution, has been interesting to observe watching experiments with cameras, and home buttons to outright putting a mini phone on your wrist. the frontier takes what we liked about the samsung Gear S3 Frontier, and refines it.


this gear wears a lot more like a traditional timepiece, and will be appreciated by folks who enjoy a larger bolder watch body. another personal aspect of this review, if you want to use Gear S3 Frontier, as a daily driver with other manufacturers phones, the setup process it won’t be painful, but there are several apps necessary to install before you can use the watch, this is a lot more involved, than setting up an Android wear, or Pebble watch for instance as you’ll be tight in the Samsung services like s health the construction on the frontier is fantastic excellent build quality.


This is maybe the best wearable hardware I’ve ever handled. comparing it to Huawei watch Android wear, the frontier feels a lot less like a gadget, it doesn’t broadcast its geekery nearly as much as past Samsung efforts, and this is the best AMOLED screen I’ve personally used on a watch. it doesn’t handle direct Sun, as well as ePaper,or digital ink solutions, but it’s well readable in bright conditions it almost passes the SoCal driving test. we’re at an angle reflections can still be troublesome, though the battery saving option of disabling the screen means you’ll have to move your hand off the steering wheel, to see content.


Operating System

CPU Speed


Android Smartphones (Compatible with Android 4.4 and up, 1.5GB RAM and higher)

1 GHz



more on that later getting into the watch operation, two buttons on the side are used as a back, and a home button. the latter also doubles as the app drawer shortcut went on the main watch phase, the dial around the screen turns to navigate through pinned apps to the right, and notifications to the left, and then the touchscreen can be used to swipe, or pull down a status shade. the Gear S3 Frontier is refined, but it still very much continues the notion that a Smart-Watch should perform. like a mini phone on your wrist I’d prefer Samsung move, to a three buttons layout giving us a selection button.

there’s a tactile disconnect between using this great clicky wheel, and then smudging up the screen to make a selection, or hitting these small three menus wedged to the side of a circle. the ability to navigate fully through hardware would be appreciated maybe, even disabling the touchscreen at some specific times.

Gear S3 Frontier

there’s a lot going on navigation isn’t difficult, but it takes a while to program the muscle memory for where every feature setting an option, like a checking heart rate for example, from the main watch face you hit the bottom button, and click wheel to s-health, where you touch the screen to activate then click wheel five menus over to the heart-rate section, and then it’ll take a reading this is a phone grade software, and the gear routinely rides that line between functionality and time.

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it’s impressive that we can do this much from a watch, but many of these interactions would be faster from your phone. further complicating matters Samsung doesn’t really fully support other phones.


notifications are delivered and calls are alerted, but any action or reply you take will be sent back to your phone, want to reply to a message using speech to text nope”! can’t do that on my mate nine, throughout my week using it, I continually had the sense that I was missing notifications, that they were delayed somehow glancing down at the watch only to see that five alerts had arrived, that I either didn’t feel the vibrations or that they were all sent in.

one batch that also seemed to hold true for the Bluetooth alert, one of my biggest frustrations with Android wear, it doesn’t notify when it loses the Bluetooth connection. the gear will but it could sometimes take well over a minute just enough time for example, to accidentally leave my phone somewhere and make it to my car not the most consistent leash function. lastly Samsung advertises an always-on display, and up to three days of battery life you just can’t have both at the same time individually each statement is true, but if you want that run time, you need to disable the screen the frustrating aspect of having to perform a gesture to see the time.

Gear S3 Frontier

somewhat defeats the convenience of wearing a watch, that said with the screen auto-dimming we easily reached three full days with moderate use notifications, and a couple workouts, so let’s wrap this up where does that leave As with the Samsung gear S3 frontier, I love this hardware but the recommendation on this watch requires two critical issues, be discussed first this is a tough recommendation, if you don’t own a Samsung phone the experience is hamstrung when tackling notifications, and calls and you pay for features you won’t get to use.

for how good speech-to-text is on a cheap pebble, or Android wear, it’s a shame that Samsung couldn’t really translate the gear experience over to other devices. it’s a walled garden approach, I don’t appreciate don’t punish me for not owning a Samsung phone instead impress me with how good this accessory is, and maybe I’ll consider a Samsung phone in the future.

the second issue was a little more philosophical if your idea of what a Smart-Watch should be is migrating as much smartphone functionality as you can to a small screen, then the Gear S3 Frontier is hands down the best Smart-Watch on the market. however if your idea of a Smart-Watch is targeting at a glance information in the most streamlined way possible that a watch should complement a phone, and not replace it then the gear can feel downright. cumbersome as this review is tempered by my personal quest. to replace my pebble, I’ll have to keep searching which is a shame as I absolutely love this hardware.

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