best affordable smartwatch 2018


the MICROWEAR X2, is the best affordable smartwatch 2018. Microwear X2 smartwatch is a device that makes you live in healthier and more intelligent lifestyle. It helps to monitor basic physical indicators like sleep quality that you can know your body condition better.

It tracks steps and shows you how you’re stacking up against your daily goals. Besides, you can share your data on Facebook and Twitter, which may encourage you and your friends to do exercise and raise interest in sports.

this best affordable smartwatch 2018, comes with a unique and beautiful design, under really long standby time of 180 days. the smartwatch is also IP68 rated waterproof, so you can carrying it pretty much anywhere, under the rain, a shower, and maybe even underwater. although, the company doesn’t confirm that. the microwear x2, will be featuring the nowadays standard heart-rate monitor, as well as a blood pressure, sensor blood oxygen monitor, sleep monitoring, and various exercise patterns.



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best affordable smartwatch

being aired smartwatch, the x2 will also notify you of any incoming messages from I air maps, when connected to your smartphone. the watch supports 170 different languages from all over the world, plus it also comes with a special sex detecting motion pattern, that allows it to keep track of your sexual activities, yes” you read that correctly.! the microwear x2, will indeed understand how good you’re in bed, with your lover and give you 3 different ratings, so you’ll know if you’ve to improve your sex game, or not.

here we have a look at the beautiful design, or the watch face with a 2.5 D sapphire glass and a mirror finish. meanwhile the outer frame is made of aviation grade metal with a nano injection, molding that makes it ip68 waterproof.

Microwears smartwatch, blood pressure, sleep, and heart rate monitoring sedentary reminders, and comprehensive health functions, can give you early warning, and better management of your overall health status. there’s also a variety of sport patterns like: running, cycling swimming, football, basketball, badminton, table tennis, mountain, climbing, sex, and more…

the MicroWear X2, will accurately analyze your movements conditions each time you go for sports. the strap will be available in two colors, and it’ll be made of food great silicon gel. you get both of them when you buy the watch. this can give you some room to play with colors depending on what else you’re wearing at the time.




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